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Johnson will run Buster Johnson has finally made his decision. The Lake Havasu City republican ended speculation about his political future on April 27, when he announced he will seek re- election to the Mohave County Board of Supervisors in District 3. Johnson is the most tenured member of the Board. Johnson is seeking his sixth, four-year term of office. “I’m running for re-election not just because of my experience, but also because I’m a principled officeholder who has always looked out for the taxpayer’s interests. I never cast a vote just to go along and enable a majority. That’s not my style and it’s not the way to govern,” Johnson said in a news release. “When I went into office in the changeover following the 1996 election, I said I would not be tied to any special interests or behind the scenes power elites. That is still true today. Meanwhile, I continue to stand for real solutions to economic issues that are based on hard work and dedication.” Others seeking candidacy in the district 3 race include Gary Kellogg and Marty Brown. Dave Hawkins Longoria to run for Kingman Mayor Joe Longoria filed paperwork to run for Mayor of Kingman Thursday. He will be running against sitting mayor, Richard Anderson for the two-year term. “I feel Kingman residents need a voice in their city government and I am running to be that voice,” said Longoria. Longoria, a long-time resident of Kingman graduated from Kingman High School in 1972. The local business owner is a regular attendee of city council meetings. Longoria presently sits on the Clean City Commission. Longoria plans to hold local town halls if elected. “I believe our government must be accountable to its citizens and every attempt will be made to listen to their concerns,” said the 61 year old. He urges voters to contact him at (623) 293-1796 or secureourdemocracy@hotmail.c om.. The election is held August 30. Of either candidate earns at least 50% of the vote he is elected mayor. Should neither candidate cross the 50% threshold the voters will have final say November 8. Posted: 051116 by Billie Jo Young won’t run for another term KINGMAN – Kingman Vice Mayor Carole Young will not seek another term of city office. Young said she generally supports the concept of circulating new blood into local office and believes two four-year terms are sufficient for herself. Young said she’ll continue serving the Kingman Unified School Board once her council term is completed at the end of this year. Terms of office are also expiring for Mayor Richard Anderson and council members Larry Carver and Kenneth Dean. Anderson and Carver are among a group of eight citizens who’ve initiated paperwork at city hall to possibly run for Mayor or council seats in the current election cycle. Early voting starts Early voting started Wednesday for the special election Arizona is conducting on May 17. The ballot is certainly free of clutter. Ballot propositions 123 and 124 are up for statewide decisions and there is only one local matter before a portion of the county electorate. Residents of the Meadview and Dolan Springs area will be elected five members to the Lake Mohave Ranchos Fire District Board, which was disbanded in early 2013. The three early voting locations are: • The Mohave County Library in Lake Havasu City. 1770 N McCulloch Blvd. Room A. 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday April 20-29 and from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday May 2- 13. • The Mohave County Library in Bullhead City. 1170 E. Hancock Road. 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday May 2- 13. • The Kathryn Heidenreich Senior Center in Kingman. 1776 Airway Avenue, Suite B. 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday April 25-29 and from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday May 2- 13. Posted 042316 Supervisor race uncertain While a number of state and local races are starting to take shape for the August and November election cycle, there’s some uncertainty in the arena involving Mohave County Supervisors. Much of the suspense comes in District 3, where Buster Johnson is the Board’s longest-serving incumbent. Each of Johnson’s board colleagues announced months ago that they would seek another term of office. Asked repeatedly whether he’d retire, run for re-election or seek other office, Johnson continues to maintain that he’s come to no decision as of yet. Each of the Board’s Kingman- based supervisors, Jean Bishop and Gary Watson, have possible challengers circulating nominating petitions to qualify their campaigns. That is not the case with first term incumbents, supervisors Hildy Angius in District 2 and Steve Moss in District 5. The county elections office said no one has initiated the paperwork necessary to launch a campaign challenge to either Moss or Angius. Ordinance will be enforced Citations will be given for cell phone use while driving KINGMAN – Kingman police will be stepping up enforcement of an ordinance prohibiting use of hand held electronic devices while driving within the city limits. The City Council approved the ordinance in December, followed by a 90-day grace period during which police have issued warnings rather than citations for violations.  The grace period expires April 1. “Officers will now be issuing citations for the violations,” said Kingman traffic enforcement officer Dan Spivey. He said fines can result from infractions of an ordinance designed to promote public safety. Spivey encouraged residents to buy proper equipment allowing hands free communications while driving. “Go ahead and make the purchase. Make the investment and you’re going to make it a whole lot safer for you and other people on the roadways,” Spivey said. Posted 040116
Submit your Breaking News by email: Container Wars Selective enforcement at center of civil Brew Ha Ha  A cargo container controversy breaking out across Kingman has put City Hall between two downtown business rivals who’ve been given different interpretations of the applicable ordinance. The City, through city manager John Dougherty, has told Tim Schritter he can use the two conex boxes placed on the back of his Black Bridge Brewery business on Beale Street in downtown Kingman. Terry Thomson, co-owner of the Kingman Club LLC, has been told two conex boxes placed on his property about 100 yards away must be removed. A relevant backdrop to this mix is that trial is pending in May as the City attempts to force former Kingman Council member Pat McBrayer to remove a cargo container placed on his property just south of the post office and west of Walgreen’s. Attorney Bryan Whitney months ago said McBrayer’s defense would involve private property rights and an assertion that the city has engaged in selective enforcement against him. That is Thomson’s point as well. Thomson recently placed two conex boxes just east of the House of Hops where he plans to construct Monkey Fist Brewing, a business that will offer beer brewed on-site, pizza and more. Thomson argues he should be able to use two boxes on his property since Schritter has been authorized to use two boxes on his. Schritter's boxes have been converted into walk-in coolers from which beer is poured in the back patio area of his business. Thomson said his are being used in support of his business ventures as well. Dougherty concedes he ended up in the middle of this "brew ha ha". The Schritter decision came first. Dougherty said he visited Schritter and addressed the boxes after viewing them on the rear of his property. “He said 'you know I put a lot of money into these conex boxes and now the Council has decided to ban them”, Dougherty said. “I couldn't even tell they were conex boxes until he pointed them out.” Dougherty said he communicated with council members and the decision was that Schritter's boxes could stay. Thomson was aware of the Schritter scenario when he recently asked Dougherty for the same latitude. “Terry came down wanting conex boxes and I told him put them behind your building behind a fence and I will talk to the council or put it on the council agenda and you can ask for a waiver of that ordinance. He said 'well, no. I'm going to put them on Beale Street' and I said 'no, you're not’”, Dougherty said. “And he said 'yeah I am unless you make Schritter remove his. I said 'well, there's a big difference between the two. So if you put them on Beale St. they will be removed." Thomson had one box dropped on his lot March 25 and another on March 26. Dougherty directed police chief Bob Devries on March 28 to send a code enforcement officer to visit the Thomson property. Thomson said officer Tomas Silva directed him to remove the boxes. Thomson said he refuses to do so, unless Schritter is directed to do the same. “What is happening is he's throwing a fit," Dougherty said of Thomson. “This is a personal beef between him and Tim Schritter." Dougherty said visibility is the key distinction in the equation. He said Schritter's boxes are mostly hidden to the rear of his property and that Thomson's are in plain view of the general public. Thomson charged that Dougherty has overstepped his authority by involving himself in enforcement minutia. Thomson said that Dougherty is essentially undermining and confusing staff by directing enforcement action against one business but not another. Conceding a strained relationship between he and Thomson, Schritter defended Thomson's right to use his boxes in support of his business venture, at least temporarily. Schritter said use of his boxes is key to his business success and he said Thomson is entitled to the same consideration. Schritter said the conex box squabble is just one glimpse at a much bigger picture. He said there are hundreds of boxes that are used in all different manners all over town. “You'll be amazed how many you'll see if you take a hard look," Schritter said. “They are everywhere." Schritter and Thomson both said they believe the City needs to take a step back and review the cargo container and enforcement related controversies. Dave Hawkins - Posted 040116 The City tries to force former Kingman Council member Pat McBrayer to remove his cargo container. Prostitution Bust    LAKE HAVASU CITY – A housekeeper who allegedly moonlights as a hooker faces a prostitution charge following an investigation by the Lake Havasu City police department. A silent witness tip regarding massage services offered online prompted an early April investigation of Angela Ficklin, 51, Yucca. Police reports indicate an officer initiated text message communication with Ficklin after taking the phone number from Ficklin's Craigslist ad. Reports feature excerpts of increasingly sexually explicit communications that led to Ficklin's arrest when she arrived at a meeting point for a hookup on April 11. Ficklin also faces prosecution for an outstanding misdemeanor arrest warrant and for driving while her license is suspended. Posted 042316  Ficklin arrested after Craigslist ad investigation The David and Gladys Wright house will be temporarily halting tours after May 7. Wright house to stop tours (AP) – A Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home in Phoenix will close to the public starting next month. The foundation that oversees the David and Gladys Wright House announced that it will temporarily cease hosting daily tours and special events after May 7, according to the architect's great great granddaughter. Sarah Levi, who has also been living in the house, said operators want to focus on finding organizations to collaborate on preservation and operations plans. Between a hot summer and a pending vote on historic-landmark status in December, Levi said it felt like an opportune time to stop and renew those efforts. A wedding scheduled for November will be the only exception to the hiatus. “Our goal is to be educational and cultural destinations and so we want to home in on those creative outlets and really focus on what the project is going to look like and what we can show the city it's going to look like,” Levi said. Representatives have been in talks with various institutions such as Arizona State University. The Phoenix City Council is scheduled to decide Dec. 7 on whether to grant the designation, which would ensure against the threat of demolition. “Having the house saved and open, a place where people can come experience it how I did as a child for my whole childhood is something that's pretty bittersweet and really special to me,” Levi said. “It's something that I've put my all into. It'll be really rewarding to have it get to the stages it needs to be in.” The hope is to resume tours after that. Frank Lloyd Wright built the home for his son and daughter-in-law in 1952. David and Gladys Wright lived on the then 10-acre property until they died in 1997 and 2008, respectively. As a child, Levi, 33, visited there regularly. She would often go swimming or play flashlight tag amid the orange groves. Family members sold the house after Gladys Wright's passing. According to Levi, her grandparents - David Wright's son and daughter-in-law - never looked into getting historic designation. A developer bought the house in 2012 with plans to tear it down. Their plans immediately drew an outcry from architects and historical-preservation advocates. It was spared the wrecking ball when Zach Rawling, an attorney and developer, bought it with the intent of preserving it. For the past year, the property has held tours, workshops, weddings and even yoga classes. But Rawling's proposal to expand the home with a garden pavilion and underground museum has been an ongoing point of contention from residents of the surrounding Arcadia neighborhood. The opposition from residents had no bearing on the decision to halt tours and events, Levi said. Terry Tang/Associated Press Posted 042316    Mission Bank donates to Rt. 66 Run Run Scholarship Mission Bank makes a $1,000.00 scholarship donation to the Route 66 Fun Run Scholarship dinner and auction so a student can attend Mohave Community College. Mission Bank has been a major supporter of the event since the beginning and has helped several students complete their education and join Kingman’s work force. From left to right: Kerry Raymond, Event Chairman, Alyssa Grimes, MCC scholarship student, Bryanna Grimes, MCC scholarship student, Debbie Catt, Assistant Vice President of Mission Bank, Austyn Bailey, MCC scholarship student, and Darrell Lauterett, President of Mission Bank. Posted 042316 There are literally hundreds of car clubs and businesses that include the world famous Route 66 logo in their names, signage and advertising. Local, state and national non-profit associations have popped up in virtually every locale and city that the Historic Route 66 passes through.  In the Kingman area, there are many such non-profit organizations and service groups. To that fact, however, there seems to be some confusion and perhaps even some conflict when it comes to the two Kingman Route 66 associations; especially when it comes to membership, fundraisers and the Route 66 Annual Fun Run. These organizations share similar names, each whose namesake includes the famous badge and logo. This fact seems to be at the root of some recent confusion and the point of this column.  I will try and shed some light on this confusing matter. The first or “Official”, at least the eldest, “The Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona” was established in July of 1988. The current officers include Angel Delgadillo, President; Thomas Spear, Vice-President; Krystal Burge, Director and Kerry Pritchard, Director. The organization’s EIN is 74-2547861. The latter, “Route 66 Association of Kingman, Arizona, Inc.” was incorporated in April of 2003 some 13 years later. The current officers are Scott Dunton, President/CEO and Director; Keith Walker, Secretary and Director and Craig Graves, Treasurer and Director. A request for the EIN was unanswered as of press-time. The “Route 66 Annual Fun Run’ is owned and hosted by the first, “Official”, “The Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona” which organized the event and filed for the Trade Name on November 4, 1987. The annual event, begins with a Friday night (April 29), meet-n-great social and parade registration in Seligman, Arizona. A classic car show and shine takes place in Downtown Kingman on Saturday morning. The event continues on Sunday with many of the Route 66 enthusiasts traveling to Oatman and Needles, Calif., on the Historic highway.  It is because the Saturday events generally end in front of Dunton Motors and at the Locomotive Park across from Mr. D’s (Mr. Dunton’s) that the presumption is made that the event belongs to Scott Dunton and the “Route 66 Association of Kingman, Arizona, Inc.” for which Dunton is the President. Some Kingmanites have even suggested that Dunton himself owns the “Route 66 Annual Fun Run”; nothing could be farther from the truth. The fact of the matter is the “Original”, “The Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona” has worked very hard (as has many associations and organizations have) throughout the last 29 years, logging countless volunteer hours to promote and organize all facets of the internationally visited “Route 66 Annual Fun Run” for the benefit of all of Kingman and Historic Route 66. It is only fair to give credit where credit is due. As “The Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona” has worked hard, so has Dunton and the “Route 66 Association of Kingman, Arizona, Inc.”. Dunton Motors has opened their doors to visitors and car buffs, to shade, to bathroom facilities and countless bottles of water and perhaps a once in a lifetime glimpse of old auto relics perhaps never again to be seen by the onlookers. It is however, the Official “The Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona” that literally breathed life into the waning ribbon of asphalt.  In 1987 the Official, “The Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona” petitioned the State of Arizona to designate the ‘longest stretch of existing U.S. Highway Route 66’ as an official historic route. The Arizona Secretary of State approved the trade name “Route 66 Annual Fun Run” in November of 1987 and the Arizona Corporation Commission approved “The Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona” articles of incorporation on January 27, 1988.  The 29 year old ‘Route 66 Annual Fun Run’, is among one of the oldest running events in Kingman, second to only perhaps the City of Kingman’s Andy Devine Day’s celebration. Posted: 042816 Confusion and conflict surround Rt. 66 Associations Kingman to host 29th Annual Rt. 66 Fun Run KINGMAN – Celebrate 90 years of Route 66 by joining in on the only rally that travels the longest remaining slice of the Mother Road.   The 29th Annual Historic Route 66 Fun Run® will be held April 29 to May 1, and will take the usual route from Seligman to Topock, but attendance is expected to surge in celebration of the famous highway’s 90th year.  “I think people are seeking out Route 66 now while they can still see it for themselves, because the Mother Road is locked into the American Psyche. It’s become part of who we are as Americans.” says Josh Noble of the Kingman Visitor Center. The Fun Run is not a timed race, but a 140-mile pleasure cruise of classic and custom vehicles that traverse the Mother Road from Seligman to Topock/Golden Shores.  Things get underway on Friday, April 29, in Seligman with registration, live music and an impromptu car parade through town. Kingman will be hosting the fourth annual Route 66 Drive-in event, featuring Smokey And The Bandit (1977) at Best Western King’s Inn Friday evening starting at 8:00 p.m. The first leg of the journey officially begins at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 30, with a cruise from Seligman to Downtown Kingman. The route takes drivers through the attractions and communities of Grand Canyon Caverns, Peach Springs, Truxton, Valentine, Keepers of the Wild, Hackberry and Valle Vista. Upon arrival in Downtown Kingman, participants line up their cars, trucks, motorcycles, trailers, buses and vans on Route 66 (Andy Devine Ave.) and Beale Street for a show & shine viewing and judging.  Thousands of spectators enjoy vendors, entertainment, food and the museums in Kingman’s Historic District all afternoon until 5:00 p.m. After the show & shine, participants can attend a live auction dinner at Beale Celebrations Event Center, the Kickin’ it on Route 66 Diner & Show at the Ramada Kingman, or simply enjoy Saturday night at one of Kingman’s eclectic restaurants. The second leg of the journey begins Sunday morning, May 1. Departing from Kingman, participants head to Topock/Golden Shores for the final gathering and awards ceremony at 1:00 p.m. This scenic back-road winds past Cool Springs, Gold Road, Sitgreave’s Pass and Oatman before heading down the backside of the Black Mountains for the shores of the Colorado River. Registration for the event costs $50 per vehicle ($55 per vehicle after April 15). The fee includes a T-shirt, dash plaque, commemorative license plate, Mother Road Buck and entrance to the Kingman show-n-shine and Topock/Golden Shores award ceremony. For more information or to register, visit or call (928) 753-5001. Posted: 042816 Kingman  welcomes  classic cars  as they pass  through the  Rt. 66 sign. Nancy Hartz Person of interest arrested in connection with Carnochan had items belonging to the three women A Canadian citizen in custody in northwest Arizona has been connected to three elderly women who remain missing after having similar relationships with him. The probe that initially focused on the disappearance last June of Nancy Hartz, 72, Kingman, led authorities to Robert Carnochan, 69. Carochan was arrested April 13 in Yucca and booked into jail in Kingman for multiple fraud, identity theft and weapons offenses.  Neva Lindley Verna Clayton Missing trio CARNOCHAN The Mohave County Sheriff’s office said evidence collected during the search of the Yucca home where Carnochan resided led to the discovery of personal possessions belonging to two other missing women. Chief Deputy Sheriff Rodney Head identified those women Tuesday as Neva Lindley, 77, Las Vegas and Verna Clayton, 73, Dolan Springs. Head said Lindley has been missing since November, 2011 and Clayton was last seen in June, 2008. During a briefing with local press, Head said that it has been determined that each of the missing women had property or other assets of value and that they met Carnochan through online dating sites catering to older people. Head said Carnochan has admitted involvements with each of the three women but told investigators that he either dropped them off or that they left on their own volition the last time he saw them. Head said it is believed that Carnochan has been in the United States illegally since 1993 and that he was living with another elderly woman from California at the time of his arrest. He said the unidentified woman is fine and that she has assisted in the ongoing investigation. Head said Las Vegas Metro Police and other law enforcement authorities from Nevada, and agents from Homeland Security are assisting with case investigation. He said they are trying to gain access to the social media communications, as well as bank account information for each of the three missing women. Anyone with information about Carnochan or the missing women is asked to contact the sheriff's office at (928) 753-0755. Dave Hawkins - Posted: 050516 by Billie Jo