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New Mohave County Medical Examiner MOHAVE COUNTY – Mohave County will have a new medical examiner starting this summer. The Board of Supervisors voted April 18 to award a contract to Dr. Archiaus Mosley. Dr. Mosley will begin working as county coroner on July 1 under a two-year contract totaling a little more than $1.2-million. Procurement Director Annie Newton-Fruhwirth said the county will save about $1,000 a month from what it pays current medical examiner Dr. Rexene Worrell. About 30 qualified doctors were asked if they were interested in submitting a proposal to serve as Mohave County Medical Examiner. Dr. Mosley was the only one who did so. Dave Hawkins Posted: 042816 Refinancing of wastewater system approved KINGMAN – The City of Kingman’s request to restructure its refinancing of more than $26- million in wastewater system debt was approved during the April 20 meeting of the Water Infrastructure Finance Authority (WIFA) Board in Phoenix. “The Board of Directors approved Kingman’s request to release the debt service reserve and replacement requirements for their 2009 and 2011 loans,” said Susan Craig, WIFA Communications Director. City Finance Director Tina Moline said money held in reserve is being freed up to pay down loan principle. She said the net result will be city savings of about $1- million in interest through the remaining 13-year life of the loan. Dave Hawkins Posted: 042816 Carver ask for city attorney to explain KINGMAN – While a users group continues pushing for reforms in the way that the Kingman Airport and Industrial Park is operated, Kingman City Council member Larry Carver wants to know more about the lease that essentially puts the Kingman Airport Authority in charge of the asset. “I’ve tried to read the contract. I would like an agenda item so we can get the city attorney to explain it,” Carver said during the April 19 council meeting. He said it appears that various interested parties view terms of the lease differently, and that legal analysis would be helpful. The Council directed the City Attorney’s office to present relevant analysis of the lease at a future public meeting. Dave Hawkins Posted: 042816
Retirees Are Racking Up Credit Card Debt New statistics point out an alarming financial problem. $6,876. That is the average amount of credit card debt owed by an American household headed up by an individual aged 65-69. If you are newly retired or close to retiring, that figure may alarm you. It is more than twice the amount of Social Security’s maximum monthly income payment. Credit card use is surging, and seniors are taking on more revolving debt as part of the trend. That $6,876 figure comes from personal finance website ValuePenguin, which just published its latest yearly study on U.S. credit card debt. As ValuePenguin found, revolving debt shrinks little with age: in households headed up by those 75 and older, the mean credit card balance was $5,638. In the second quarter of 2016,  Americans charged $34.4 billion to their credit cards.  According to research from WalletHub, that was the biggest second-quarter jump seen in 30 years. Undoubtedly, this was a byproduct of the quarter’s 4.4% boost in consumer spending. All this recently added consumer debt would seem less troubling were it not for two other statistics. One, Americans paid down just $27.5 billion in revolving debt in Q1 2016, the least in any first quarter since 2008. Two, U.S. consumers piled on $71 billion in credit card debt during 2015, representing the greatest annual increase since 2007. It seems Americans are returning to their pre-recession credit card habits. The question is: to what degree are households paying with plastic by choice? Retiree households saddled with mortgages and education debt may feel pressured to use their credit cards. The National Council on Aging recently identified credit card debt as a major financial worry among seniors. How can your household counter the trend? Here are some steps that might help you ease your debt burden. Try the snowball approach. This is the approach where you pay down the balance on the highest- interest card first, then the next highest-interest card, and so forth. You should always make the largest payment you can on your highest-interest debt. Pay on time. Late fees are like an Achilles heel for many cardholders. They not only hurt your bank account, they hurt your credit score. (Conversely, improving your credit score may make your debt cheaper to pay off, and make it easier to refinance or arrange a consumer loan.) Establish a budget. Most households do not live by a budget. Even retiree households can forget about the importance of budgeting. If you can rein in parts of your spending, you may find yourself a) using cash more often, and b) having cash left over to save, invest or pay down debt. Use certain cards for certain things. If you have a large recurring debt, why not put it on your lowest-interest card for some savings? In fact, assigning as much debt as you can to a low- interest or zero-interest card positions you to pay down debt sooner, with smaller monthly payments. Finally, consider ways to create more income. If you just cannot use credit cards less or live on less, then you must offset your credit card debt by a) earning more or b) selling assets or possessions to give you more cash, which can be used to attack the debt.  While you may always have some revolving debt, it is a potential strain on a comfortable retirement. See if you can buck the current trend in credit card use that seems to be driving mean credit card balances higher. Monica J Busch may be reached at 928-718-1815 or or  Posted: 011217   
Monica Busch
Beale Celebrations Has a New Look! KINGMAN – The Beale Celebrations event center has been undergoing a major renovation. Under the direction of Kevin Morgan, General Contractor with Axiom Construction, the first phase which included building a new facade, painting and neon lighting has been completed. Thursday, April 28, at 9:00 a.m. the media, city and county officials, and other relevant individuals are invited to a press conference at the Beale Celebrations. This opportunity will allow them to take photos of the buildings new look and to interview Klaus Wernigk Board Member of Fleischmann AZ Investment Group, the parent corporation of Beale Celebrations as well as Kevin Morgan of Axiom Construction, Matt Phillips of Legacy Signs and Steve Smith of Kingman Advertising who have been instrumental in the remodel. In addition, an announcement regarding a new collaboration between the Ramada Kingman and Beale Celebrations will be made. Members of the Ramada Management Team will also be available for interviews at the event. Coffee and light pastries will be served. For more information, call Jamie Taylor, Event Manager of Beale Celebrations, at (928) 530-2056. Posted: 042816  Crews are still putting on the final touches. Enjoy a drive downtown and take a look. Beale Street Brews open Angela Patterson is excited to let the community know that she has relocated and reopened her coffee shop in downtown Kingman. Beale Street Brews has moved to 510 East Beale Street, just a stone’s throw away from the building the enterprise occupied for 8 ˝ years. Patterson said she offers the same quality products and friendly service, but in more spacious and brighter environment. Patterson said the new building includes a small stage area where she plans to have more entertainment and activity of interest to kids and young families. Customers began trickling into the store the morning it reopened, April 21. Posted: 042816 People are already  enjoying the  coffee and atmosphere. UES to provide power outage updates on new, mobile-friendly online map KINGMAN, – UniSource Energy Services (UES) is unveiling a new, mobile-friendly outage map with real-time updates about local electric service interruptions. The new outage map on is updated every five minutes using data collected from customer reports, field crews and equipment designed to detect service interruptions. The map shows the approximate location of electric service outages in Mohave and Santa Cruz Counties. It includes the number of customers affected, the number of customers whose service has been restored and an estimated time of restoration for those who remain without service. UES also added new online tools that allow electric customers to report and receive information about power outages at their service address. By logging into My Account at, customers can report an outage and request a phone call to notify them once service is restored. “These new online tools provide useful information about power outages caused by powerful thunderstorms, traffic accidents or other conditions,” said David G. Hutchens, UES’ President and CEO. “As our crews work to make repairs, our customers can find out when we expect to restore service.” The map displays some outages that are under investigation and all outages that have been confirmed by field crews. As service is restored, the affected area shown on the map will be reduced and ultimately removed. The map and online reporting tools are available around the clock on “We work very hard every day to provide our customers with consistently safe, reliable service,” Hutchens said. “These new resources will keep our customers informed about our efforts to resolve outages for them as quickly and safely as possible.” Customers also can call UES at 1-877-837-4968 to report outages using the company’s automated reporting system. The information provided by customers can help UES identify the extent of an outage. UES provides electric service to approximately 93,000 customers in Mohave and Santa Cruz counties. The company also delivers natural gas to approximately 150,000 customers in northern and southern Arizona. To learn more, visit UES and its parent company, UNS Energy, are subsidiaries of Fortis Inc., which owns utilities that serve more than 3 million customers across Canada and in the United States and the Caribbean. To learn more, visit Posted: 0061616 Wells Fargo kicks off 9th Annual Summer Statewide Food Drive Wells Fargo is pleased to announce it is conducting its 9th Annual Summer Statewide Food Drive now through July 27. The event collects donations for food banks that span the entire state with collection bins in all 253 Wells Fargo Community Banking stores throughout Arizona.  Donations will benefit members of the Association of Arizona Food Banks.  In 2015, Arizona food banks collectively distributed 124 million pounds of food - equivalent to more than 103 million meals, reaching Arizonans in need at 1,200 sites statewide.  People who wish to donate cash can send checks to their local food banks or to the Association of Arizona Food Banks whose mission is to deliver food and quality services to food banks and to foster relationships in support of their commitment to eliminate hunger.  Donations may be made online at or sent to 2100 N. Central Ave., Ste. 230, Phoenix, Ariz. 85004.   “All of us at Wells Fargo are excited to continue our annual tradition of holding our Summer Statewide Food Drive to benefit Arizona food banks,” said Pam Conboy, lead regional president for Wells Fargo in Arizona. “Last summer we collected 41,749 pounds of food and raised $3,610.44 in cash donations to help Arizona food banks feed the hungry. Wells Fargo remains committed to supporting the communities we serve through our great state and this is just one way we do that.” The needs of families and individuals around the state continue to be strong, according to the Association of Arizona Food Banks: • In Arizona, 17.1% of adults are food insecure • More than1 in 4 of Arizona children (27%)) suffer from food insecurity • At 41.5%, Apache County has the highest rate of child food insecurity in the country  “Wells Fargo is once again working with us to end hunger in Arizona. This food drive couldn’t come at a better time, as food banks throughout Arizona experience high demand for services during the summer months when kids are out of school and utility bills are high. We’re so fortunate to have this tremendous support and partnership,” said Angie Rodgers, President and CEO of the Association of Arizona Food Banks. Lake Havasu City solicits pro/con arguments for voter pamplet LAKE HAVASU CITY – The Lake Havasu City Council adopted Resolution No. 16-3045 designating November 8, 2016, as the date for holding a General Election in Lake Havasu City for the purpose of ratifying the Lake Havasu City 2016 General Plan (“Plan”) at the regular meeting on May 10. Anyone wishing to submit a pro or con argument regarding the question for publication in the pre-election voter pamphlet has until 5:00 p.m., July 28, to do so. Arguments must contain the original notarized signature of each person sponsoring it. If the argument is sponsored by an organization, it shall contain the notarized signature of two executive officers of the organization. If the argument is sponsored by a political committee, it shall contain the notarized signature of the committee’s chairman or treasurer. The person or persons signing the argument shall identify themselves by giving their residence or post office address and a telephone number, which information shall not appear in the pamphlet. Arguments are limited to 300 words in length and a payment of $100.00 per argument is required to offset a portion of the cost of printing the pamphlet (A.R.S. § 19-124(D)). Arguments should be submitted to the City Clerk’s Office, Lake Havasu City, 2330 McCulloch Boulevard North, Arizona, 86403. A complete copy of the Lake Havasu City 2016 General Plan is accessible on the City’s Website at, and a general description of the Plan and its elements will be included in the pamphlet, which will be mailed to each household that contains a registered voter. For more information, contact the Lake Havasu City Clerk’s Office at (928) 453-4142.
Wendy Griffitts, Wells Fargo Regional Banking District Manager, recently presented a check in the amount of $486 to Dawn Darby, Kingman Area Manager for River Cities United Way. Monies were raised through a recent fundraising event in which team members purchased and sent 273 Candy Grams to fellow team members. “Every year during our annual Community Support Campaign, our team members find fun new ways to help make a positive impact in their communities,” said Wendy Griffitts, River Cities district manager for Wells Fargo. “This year, one of their activities included selling Candy Grams to fellow team members. Our team members know that even small efforts can make a difference in their community and that their collective impact can be felt not only in communities across Arizona, but across the country and in some cases across the globe. Posted: 011117
Wells Fargo donates to River Cities United Way