The flap surrounding Ignite Brand Marketing, LLC just will not go away.Rightfully so. The Kingman marketing company received the nod from the City of Kingman common council authorizing $45,000.00 to fund a marketing campaign to ‘brand’ Kingman during their June 21 meeting.The controversy surrounds the process in which Liza Noland, member/manager of the L.L.C., received the approval.The Kingman City Council approved the measure to fund the marketing plan against the advice of the Kingman City Attorney, Carl Cooper. In a vote four to three in favor of the action City of Kingman Vice-Mayor Young, council members Dean, Miles and Abram voted to affirm the request without the consideration of a City initiated request for additional ‘request for proposal’. “This isn’t the way we (the city) do business”, according to City Councilman Stuart Yocum.  One of the three nay votes indicating his disgust with the seemingly rush to approve the measure.Yocum further indicated in an interview with The Standard that he also has reached out to Young and Abram since the June 21 vote, voicing his concerns with the way the city reached the outcome and was particularly concerned about whether the action was legal and expressed his concern of failing to heed the advice of the City of Kingman attorney.“Why do we have a city attorney if nobody listens to him?” Yocum said.Yocum’s concerns seemingly fell on deaf ears as neither of the council persons appeared to  have any interest in revisiting the  votes. Mayor Richard Anderson also a  nay vote, voiced concern over  the action and reportedly  questioned Cooper as to whether  he (Anderson) needed to sign  the contract. Cooper indicated  that he did not. In a sigh of relief  Anderson indicated he had  extensive experience in  governmental procurement and  was prepared to refuse inking the  contract if asked to do so, stating  the fact that he did not believe  the process was legal. While all roads ultimately lead to  the City Council the real  controversy lays with the  Kingman Tourism Development  Commission.  Over the last several years the  TDC has funded a number of  projects that created controversy  as well. Some would even argue  that the TDC has and continues  to fund private business. Besides the most recent flap  over the funding of Ignite Brand  Marketing, LLC (an LLC is a  private for profit company whose  profits and or losses funnel into  its member/managers personal  taxes directly) the TDC has also  funded: Jim Hinckley (a private  citizen) as Kingman’s personal  ambassador to Germany. Some  have voiced concerns that the  unemployed author was sent on  vacation at taxpayer’s expense.  The Kingman Tourism  Development Commission is  itself funded by Kingman’s bed  tax. The TDC also provided  $20,000.00 in funding as seed  money to the, would be annual  Bluegrass Festival. The now  defunct event was hosted  privately by Stetson Winery  some 15 miles East of the  Kingman City Limits. The Best of the West also  experienced severe push back  from non-profit organizations  claiming the City of Kingman  funded through the TDC a city  motivated event in direct  competition to long standing,  traditional Kingman events such  as The Kingsmen hosted Andy  Devine Days Rodeo. The TDC  funded $10,000.00 plus event  organizer Dora Manely solicited  in-kind support as well as  donations in direct competition  with The Kingsmen’s  longstanding donation base. However, the biggest questions  are yet to be asked.  Why do we need a marketing  company to represent Kingman if  we already pay a Tourism  Director? Josh Nobel has filled  the newly formed position of City  of Kingman Tourism Director. Let me say I would be mad as  hell, and insulted if I had worked  my way up the city ladder to the  position of Tourism Director only  to be slapped in the face with a  no confidence vote and watched  as the TDC funded private  business to do my job. Perhaps the city should consider  eliminating the Tourism Director’s  position and hire Ignite Brand  Marketing; the city should not be  paying for both! What about the Kingman Area  Chamber of Commerce? Isn’t the  Chamber taxed with business  and tourism development needs? What about the Americas Best  Communities competition and  grant? The city was instrumental  in the failure of this project and  should not be in a position to  fund private businesses or  projects.  The bottom line is this. The City  of Kingman should not be  funding private business. They  are not good at it.