FORT MOHAVE – Authorities have unsealed an indictment that alleges a Fort Mohave doctor wrote thousands of subscriptions to sell prescription drugs illegally in a half dozen states. Charged in the 21-count indictment are Dr. Shakeel Kahn, his wife Lyn Kahn and Paul Beland.




LAKE HAVASU CITY – The Lake Havasu City Police Department received a tip on March 13 that helped identify a possible suspect in the recent arson cases.

Campers and kayakers alike offer similar complaints about the vigilante antics of a “creepy” man in northwest Arizona who trespassed some off property he didn’t own, and patrolled a remotely located public campground without authorization. Testimony in the March 1 evidentiary hearing in the case against Danny Button reads like scenes from the movie Deliverance, without Burt Reynolds and squealing pigs.

LAKE HAVASU CITY – A Lake Havasu City man is facing mandatory prison time following his jury trial convictions in Mohave County Superior Court on Friday, February 24.


The central figure in a highly publicized northwest Arizona prison escape that led to two murders in New Mexico has died in custody. The Arizona Department of Corrections (DOC) said John McCluskey, 52, died of apparent natural causes.
DOC spokesman Andrew Wilder said McCluskey was serving prison time in an undisclosed state and had been hospitalized for treatment of undisclosed health issues. His cousin and fiancé Casslyn Welch brought wire clippers and supplies to aid the July 2010 escape of McCluskey and two other inmates from the state prison that was privately operated by MTC.