Dear Editor,
First of all Lent is NOT a Christian event. Search the Scriptures word by word, from beginning to end, no mention of Lent will be found.
The early church could not get converts to give up their pagan holidays. In the traditional “if you can’t change ‘em, join ‘em” process, heathen holidays became Christian holidays.
We celebrate Christ’s Birthday in December when He was born on the Feast of the Trumpets (and will come again at that time) which occurs at the beginning of October, one convincing clue (among the historicity of His Birth), shepherds are not out in the fields in Israel in December as it is too cold.
Nimrod was worshipped by followers of Baal as the Sun God. His wife, Semiramas, succeeded him to the ‘throne’, becoming the Queen of Babylon. When she became pregnant after his death, she said that Nimrod had impregnated her as a sunbeam. She named the child, Tammuz, and he was quite revered. When as a young adult, he was killed by a wild pig, she held 40 days of mourning for him. This is the ‘genesis” of the period of Lent we know today. It was adopted by the early church to permit early converts to keep their festivals. It came into Christianity via the Catholic Church and Protestants followed the Catholic lead.
In summary, it is a period of Baal worship which has permeated Christianity but has absolutely no basis in Scripture yet unfortunately remains a part of most Christian Church practices today ‘condoned’ by pastors and preachers who are failing their congregations by following manmade traditions instead of God’s Word.
Anne Stromberg