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Dear Editor,
Hillary Clinton referred to anyone who was for now President Trump as "Deplorables".
Medicare has declared war on those of us who are over 75 and refer to us as "Expendables"!
At least that is certainly how it seems.
I've heard more and more seniors complain that once they were over 75 Medicare started denying them whatever treatment or medications they needed.
Medicare denies a lot of pain medications to the elderly because they "could become addicted"!
You've seen letters to the newspapers about it lately. You've read about several people who committed suicide because they were in so much pain from failed back surgeries, bone diseases, numerous injuries (including our vets of any age) and were denied the pain medications ordered by their doctors. True, some medications are addictive, however, if you are 75 -80 years old and need one or two pain pills a day/night to keep the pain at a tolerable level isn't it more humane to give you the medication rather than keep you in such pain that you can't live with it?
I have a friend who has COPD (very difficult breathing problem) plus Congestive Heart Failure. This friend was denied the oxygen ordered by her physician by "trained human robots" at Medicare. They are not doctors or nurses.
They have no medical training or background. They are taught to delay and deny any and all treatments and medications they possibly can to anyone 75 years old or older. It's as if the elderly are not human and can't feel pain, or worse yet, are undeserving of pain relief, needed medical procedures that could ease the pain or save their lives (they have outlived their usefulness) or should not have the oxygen needed to keep them breathing! They are Medicare employees they are not GOD! How DARE they decide who lives or who dies in agony?
Another friend has a failed back surgery. This person gets pain relief from injections into her back by a Pain Management doctor. She had one injection in September and now, six months later, needs another one. Going six months with pain reduced to a tolerable level made it possible to live an "almost normal" life. Now Medicare has denied the doctor's request for another injection saying this person must try physical therapy before being allowed another injection.
Is two injections a year too much to be able to live at a tolerable pain level? Worse yet, she had physical therapy last year, which Medicare paid for, and it didn't work well enough or long enough, therefore, causing the need for the first injection. Medicare, in their great wisdom, would rather pay for another round of physical therapy, which is already proven not to work, rather than to pay for an injection which is proven to work for this patient!
There are a lot of us over 75 "Expendables" out there. WE ALL need to contact our state representatives and senators and ask them to plead with Dr. Price, the new Secretary of Health and Human Services, and let him know what is happening under the current management  (actually mismanagement) of Medicare. If we are Expendable now what will the people running Medicare be in the future? Oh, I forgot, they have Government Health coverage and don't have to worry about Medicare!
Sandee Samoska


BULLHEAD CITY – Authorities report three arrests in the February 20 slaying of a bicyclist in Bullhead City. 33-year old Juan Pedro Flores, Bullhead City, was found dead at the scene of the altercation at 5:00 p.m. in the 500 block of Riviera Boulevard.

Bullhead City Police Spokeswoman Emily Fromelt said were investigating witness accounts of the altercation that erupted in gunfire and ended with suspects piling into an older model Honda Civic before speeding away from the crime scene. Fromelt said an anonymous tip on February 22 identified the shooter as Jake Patrick Biunno, 21, Fort Mohave.

Fromelt said the tip led to the arrests of Biunno for first degree murder as well as Biunno's girlfriend, Amber Monique Torrez, 22, Fort Mohave and Christopher James Pfrimmer, 22, Fort Mohave. She said Torrez and Pfrimmer are charged with hindering prosecution.

“Police have determined that Flores and the three subjects in the Honda Civic got into a road rage type incident,” Fromelt said in a news release. “Flores and Pfrimmer got into a physical altercation. Biunno then reportedly shot Flores. The three people in the vehicle then drove away."

Fromelt said the suspects did not know the victim. She said the investigation continues.


KINGMAN – The Northern Arizona Consolidated Fire District responded to a residential structure fire in the 3900 Block of Northfield Avenue in North Kingman on February 21 at approximately 11:15 a.m.
Firefighters arrived to find a fully involved singlewide mobile home and a travel trailer. The Fire threatened residences on both sides of the property as Firefighters were forced to use a defensive operation due to the extent of the fire and ammunition going off within the building during the height of the fire.
Crews had the fire knocked down in about 15 minutes with extensive mop up and overhaul needed. Occupants had vacated the property prior to Fire Department arrival and no injuries were reported.
The fire investigation continues at this time with NACFD Fire Prevention Personnel. Additional information regarding this incident may be directed to Interim Fire Chief Tim Kind or Battalion Chief Don Dallman at (928) 757-3151.

KINGMAN – Pastor Kent Simmons was the first to express interest in serving out the term of Mark Abram, the former Kingman City Council Member who stepped down while relocating to north Phoenix. Simmons submitted his resume and letter of interest in being appointed to the position on Thursday, February 23.
Former Council Member Erin Cochran said she will also be putting her hat into the ring for appointment considerations. Any other citizen who is eligible and interested has until the March 14 deadline to turn in application materials at the Kingman City Clerk's office.

of 18 month old after boating accident

Volunteer Boating Safety Officer Vincent Beltran, Deputy Kyler Cox, Sheriff Doug Schuster and Undersheriff Ed Trafecanty after being recognized for saving a life
Volunteer Boating Safety Officer Vincent Beltran, Deputy Kyler Cox, Sheriff Doug Schuster and
Undersheriff Ed Trafecanty after being recognized for saving a life

MOHAVE COUNTY – Three Mohave County Sheriff’s office personnel have been recognized for saving the life of an 18 month-old girl during a boating accident on Lake Havasu last fall. Sheriff Doug Schuster presented the distinguished lifesaving awards during the February 21 Board of Supervisors meeting in Kingman.
Schuster said undersheriff Ed Trafecanty, Boating Safety officer Vince Beltran and deputy Kyler Cox risked their own lives to save the life of little Mia Jimenez.

KINGMAN – Two Kingman men charged with disposing the body of a murder victim entered not guilty pleas during separate hearings on Monday, February 27. Al Blanco, 61, and Bill Sanders, 54, both pled not guilty to concealment of a dead body and tampering with physical evidence charges.
Both men are being prosecuted for alleged involvement in the burial of the body of Sid Cranston on ranch property east of Kingman.

Woman considers pleas agreement

LAKE HAVASU CITY – A Lake Havasu City woman charged with murdering her boyfriend is contemplating a plea agreement offered by the Mohave County Attorney’s Office. The proposed deal was detailed during a February 17 settlement conference for Cheryl Molitor, 62.
Molitor is charged with first-degree murder in the late July shooting death of her boyfriend Kenneth Nissen, 65. Police said Nissen died of a gunshot wound in his home in the 1400 block of McCulloch Boulevard.
Judge Billy Sipe told Molitor the law required imposition of a natural life prison term if she is convicted as charged. Deputy County Attorney Greg McPhillips advised that Molitor is currently offered a deal that would convict her of second-degree murder.
McPhillips said the plea agreement could provide some opportunity for life after prison in that punishment would range between 10 and 25 years in prison. McPhillips advised the current plea proposal leaves sentencing up to the Court, but that he might consider imposing a cap, setting the punishment ceiling at 20 years.