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The central figure in a highly publicized northwest Arizona prison escape that led to two murders in New Mexico has died in custody. The Arizona Department of Corrections (DOC) said John McCluskey, 52, died of apparent natural causes.
DOC spokesman Andrew Wilder said McCluskey was serving prison time in an undisclosed state and had been hospitalized for treatment of undisclosed health issues. His cousin and fiancé Casslyn Welch brought wire clippers and supplies to aid the July 2010 escape of McCluskey and two other inmates from the state prison that was privately operated by MTC.


LAKE HAVASU CITY – A Lake Havasu City resident was arrested February 23 for two counts of child molestation. A police report indicated that a nine year-old girl was molested in Lake Havasu City last year.

Many don't care for the color scheme of the Beale Street Smoke Shop, but according to the City Attorney it can't be changed.
Many don't care for the color scheme of the Beale Street Smoke Shop, but according to the City Attorney it can't be changed.

KINGMAN – Kingman City Council member Stuart Yocum wants to round up a painting posse to redecorate a building he says is an eyesore in downtown Kingman. Yocum essentially sought permission to do so during the February 21 Council meeting.
Yocum noted that many don’t care for the garish green color scheme at the Beale Street Smoke shop that was closed in a law enforcement raid and drug bust last spring.

BULLHEAD CITY – Amnesty Day was held at the Bullhead City Municipal Court on February 24 and was a success for the many citizens who took advantage of this opportunity.
At the end of business, the Court quashed 37 warrants, 51 individuals were in non-compliance and reestablished a payment plan prior to a warrant being issued and 50 individuals driving privileges were reinstated.
“The Court was busy all day and I am extremely proud of our team who did an amazing job,” stated City Magistrate Pete Psareas. “I am happy we had the opportunity to help people with a second chance and improve public trust. I know there was some skepticism from the public, but out of the 80 plus people who were seen zero were taken into custody.”
The court hopes to have the opportunity to hold another Amnesty Day in the future.

Kingman Middle School Band Students show off their awards received from the Arizona Music Educators Association’s Northern Junior High Solo & Ensemble Festival held on February 25 in Prescott, Arizona. Twenty-five KMS musicians earned top ratings during the annual competition involving nearly 400 middle school musicians from across northern Arizona. Adjudicators assessed students’ musicianship and technical accuracy in pitch, rhythm, technique, interpretation, artistry and stage presence.

Dear Editor,
As time goes by, new information comes forward, that may not change the outcome of an issue, but it certainly does tell us how the issue was achieved. Since the dawn of our nation the professional political politician has been plying his tricks of this trade on all of We the people. Such was the recent election last November. We should all understand that these tricks are used regularly in all national elections and sometimes in state elections. In the recent election Donald Trump garnered 306 electrical college votes well above the 270 needed to win.
Before any of you right wingers get your temperature up to 105 degrees this article is all about both parties not just Republicans. The tricks are all the same for both parties. Most of these tricks are considered legal and some are even in our constitution.
How did Donald Trump win so easy? He targeted the swing states, but kept his eyes on several of the large states with a great number of electoral votes such as Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and Florida to name a few. More money, more time, more people on the ground, more TV ads especially against his or her opposition party candidate. It all adds up to getting 2 or 3 of these big states in his column of electoral votes and with the traditional Republican red states count he or she is home free. That is how it is done for many years in this country. The very next day we read in the newspapers that the losing candidate has won the popular vote but lost the election. Remember Al Gore and George W. Bush? Gore won the popular vote but lost the election to a decision by the Supreme Court, which was packed by Republican Justices. What if the Democrat’s controlled the Supreme Court at that time? Gore would have become President, so you can see that our Supreme Court is a political organization and not a judicial organization. Still whatever they say becomes the law of the land, even if it’s a new law that they make.
Let’s take a look at the facts from the last election. As I said Donald Trump won with over 270 electoral votes. The very next day we are told that Hillary Clinton has won the popular vote. Donald Trump our incoming President has an approval rating of 42 percent, the least popular incoming President in modern U.S. history. 53 percent of the American people cast their ballot for other candidates. Hillary Clinton’s margin in the popular vote now exceeds 2.7 million and they are still counting. The fact is: Hillary Clinton has received more votes than any other Presidential contender in our history, with the exception of former President Obama. Folks, that is the majority of the people in the USA speaking here. The vote is the only way they have for speaking out and they have done so in many elections. Changes need to be made so that the legal wrongs can be made legal rights for EVERY American. Like our pledge to the flag says, with liberty and justice for ALL. Ever since I was a young boy it has always been the majority rules or wins whichever the case. Today the person with the most popular vote of the people must succeed to the person who wins the 270 electoral votes. The college may of worked back in the days of the colonies, but it sure does not work today for each and every person.
Even the evidence is not in that, even with their minority status on Capital Hill, Democrat Senate candidates also collectively earned a million more votes than did their Republican opponents. So to put it in a simple form, the GOP cannot claim a popular mandate when the party and its leaders are so unpopular. Neither can the winner of that party declare he or she has a mandate.
Fred Bitgood

Dear Editor,
First of all Lent is NOT a Christian event. Search the Scriptures word by word, from beginning to end, no mention of Lent will be found.
The early church could not get converts to give up their pagan holidays. In the traditional “if you can’t change ‘em, join ‘em” process, heathen holidays became Christian holidays.
We celebrate Christ’s Birthday in December when He was born on the Feast of the Trumpets (and will come again at that time) which occurs at the beginning of October, one convincing clue (among the historicity of His Birth), shepherds are not out in the fields in Israel in December as it is too cold.
Nimrod was worshipped by followers of Baal as the Sun God. His wife, Semiramas, succeeded him to the ‘throne’, becoming the Queen of Babylon. When she became pregnant after his death, she said that Nimrod had impregnated her as a sunbeam. She named the child, Tammuz, and he was quite revered. When as a young adult, he was killed by a wild pig, she held 40 days of mourning for him. This is the ‘genesis” of the period of Lent we know today. It was adopted by the early church to permit early converts to keep their festivals. It came into Christianity via the Catholic Church and Protestants followed the Catholic lead.
In summary, it is a period of Baal worship which has permeated Christianity but has absolutely no basis in Scripture yet unfortunately remains a part of most Christian Church practices today ‘condoned’ by pastors and preachers who are failing their congregations by following manmade traditions instead of God’s Word.
Anne Stromberg