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Dear Editor, On May 26, our president did something that no other American president has ever done. President Obama, before the Group of 7 Economic Summit in Japan, criticized an American presidential candidate while in a foreign country. Obama proceeded to tell the world leaders, "They have a right to be "Rattled" by Donald Trump." He went on to say that "Trump’s ignorance about world affairs is a reason for them to fear Trump." Obama also said, that "Trump could not keep the U.S. safe and prosperous nor keep the world on an even keel."   Excuse me! No sitting president has ever discussed American politics, let alone talk about a candidate from another political party while off of U.S. soil. It simply isn't done because it is no ones business except for the American people. I was surprised to find that president Obama, while visiting Hiroshima, did not apologize for the U.S. bombing during World War II and state that Japan's bombing of Pearl Harbor was justified. President Obama has certainly not kept the U.S. safe let alone prosperous. He has, with the help of his "advisers", completely disrupted the entire world and thrown it off its "even keel". He has no room whatsoever to talk about someone being ignorant of world affairs.  He was in England recently telling the British people that they should vote to become part of the European Union. That did not go over well, it really pissed off the British.  They wanted to know where Obama got off sticking his nose in their business and telling them what to do.  Friends from London sent me news clippings saying Britain may no longer wish to be allied with the U.S. if our president thinks he has the right to tell them what to do.  I expect that when Hillary Clinton is indicted for one or more of her lies to Congress and the American people that Obama will either not let the Justice Department prosecute her or he will pardon her even before her indictment! Then there are the riots at the Trump rallies (as well as those whenever a police officer shoots a black man, whether justified or not), which are paid for by Black Lives Matter, George Soros and others. You never see riots by people on the right, only on the left. Interesting! Why are we having more and more riots? I'd hazard to guess that it may be because president Obama is looking for an excuse to declare Martial Law. If so, for what purpose? Does he want to say that because of all the riots the people are incapable of voting for a new president and he must therefore stay on until this country is straightened out? Or, does he just want an excuse for Homeland Security to use all the toys (ie. guns, ammo and armored vehicles) he bought them. It appears he wants to cause conflict, confusion and distrust among the American people. If so, he is doing a very good job! Then there is Obama Care. If you are 75 or older you will have recently noticed that SOME doctors are not only limiting you to 15 minutes, but, you may only discuss one thing with them. If you want to talk to the doctor about your diabetes and your arthritis you may only discuss one or the other. Not both.  You must make another appointment to discuss the other problem! If you see a specialist you will find SOME only want you to come back for "procedures" otherwise they will send you back to your Primary Care Physician who sent you to them in the first place saying that he/she can not see you for routine things like reoccurring infections. The more I talk to people 75 or older the more I hear that they feel SOME doctors are dismissive of their problems. One person was told outright that there was no need to treat his pain at his age. That he should just learn to live with it for whatever time he had left. He had no other medical problems other than back pain. He simply was 75 years old and more and more elderly are finding that they ‘don't qualify’ for treatment! Those of us over 75 have worked hard all our lives. We paid our taxes, paid into Medicare and Social Security and now when we need them we are considered "too old to justify receiving treatment"! I'd say the politicians will find out what it is like when they reach 75, however, they have different medical insurance than the rest of us . Their insurance WILL take care of them. President Obama has ruined this country, not by accident or mistake. We may never recover. We need to pray for our country, but I forgot. That is not politically correct either! Sandee Samoska - Kingman Sitting president should not discuss politics on foreign soil Dear Editor, A very interesting letter published in the Bullhead City Mohave Daily News titled “Predatory Lending” stated the Arizona Legislature attempted to pass a law allowing finance companies including banks and payday lenders etc. to commit criminal usury by charging 180% interest on annual interest credit, which would trap poor folks into unending debt.  This law SB1316 was voted NO by the 60% of the Arizona Senators. The majority of Americans are already in debt over their head with no hope of being out of debt.  Also there has been much written concerning the Muslim religion, which have ignored this important fact. The Muslim religion forbids all moneylenders to charge interest or pay interest on borrowed money. Which is the opposite of the Christian and Jewish religion who operate all the moneylenders and banks. Jesus said, “Money is the root of all evil and the devils work.” Usury is a crime called loan sharking in the penal code law books. Orville Wikum - Bullhead City  Predatory Lending Timeless Cruisers Car Club says “Thank You” Dear Editor, We would like to extend our appreciation to all who attended our annual “it’s about time” Car Show on June 4.   We especially would like to thank all who sponsored, supported helped and donated many wonderful items to raffle throughout the evening: KGMN Radio, Kingman Body Works, Canada Mart, NAPA, Mr. Dz’s Diner, JB’s Restaurant, Car Quest, Mr. C’s Calico’s Restaurant, Cars For Cash, Mother Road Harley-Davidson, The Standard, Dunton & Dunton, Cracker Barrel Restaurant, Pizza Hut, The Gun Shop, and respected Anonymous Private Donors. It is because of your support and generous donations that the event was such a big success.  We were also able to collect 160 lbs. of food (& $63) for our local Food Bank.  Thank you so much for helping to make our annual event a success. We hope you enjoyed it. See you next year. Timeless Cruisers Car Club - Mohave County
Is Dad an Asset in a Modern Family The place of men in this society is more like Alice stepping through the mirror into a fantasy reality than what I saw as a child and as a young father. One of the biggest differences is the advice given by high school counselors. “Remember, you will be sitting across the breakfast table with that girl if you do not keep it in your pants,” was the advice. That was based on the accountability expected of men in an earlier time. Compare that to current trends where three out of four households do not have a father in the home. In too many cases mother does not know for sure who the father is. It is historic that the first woman will head the ticket for a major party in this presidential year while a family headed by a father is becoming extinct. Yet, the society has a degree of sexual “freedom” for all sexes that is without boundaries. Sex and children have been separated to such an extent that 20 kinds of birth control for all employees was required by the Obama administration of the Little Sisters of the Poor. The Supreme Court sent the case back down with a unanimous vote when the feds admitted there are reasonable compromises. On a positive note, Father’s Day is a time to celebrate fathers and thank those who have taken responsibility for raising the next generation. More than that, for me and many other Dads, it is a day to remember all the rewards and great memories that came with an intact family. It is time to look back at the rewards and to the sacrifices your parents made to care for you. Few fathers were perfect and many did not often use words like I love you. But this one day, I for one, choose to dwell on the good things my father did, share the great times with the children and brag a bit about being a grandfather. How can a new father ever forget the first time holding that tiny baby at the hospital and the feeling shared with the mother? Watching that newborn transform from total dependence on the adults around him or her into an adult over the years creates many memories, good and not so good. Fortunately, one can choose to enjoy the good ones and learn from them all. The circle is complete when father walks the bride down the aisle and “gives her away.” The circle begins again with the first grandchild. One must first be a father before making it to grandfather. Some of the privileges expand as one can enjoy the grandchildren on a temporary basis and send them home to have recovery time. However, a new pattern has developed in recent years with many grandparents raising the children of their own children. Some men may get active and salvage the long held role of fathers in the traditional family structure. There are all kinds of foundations for children, to fight diseases, to support women’s rights and salvage all kinds of equality for every group except fathers. There is Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, pink days for breast cancer, feed the kids, walks for many a disease, Make a Wish get the idea. Tons of research prove the child has the best chance of success when raised in an intact traditional family. A man in the family has great influence on both boys and girls. Children are mimics and copy what they see. How to be a good father is learned from the father in the home, if there is one and if he does his job. Whoever takes on that challenge to teach new fathers in this current time faces a great challenge. It could be a game changer for the American culture. Efforts to replace fathers in the family with government programs has failed dismally.
Marvin Robertson