KINGMAN – Mohave County Superior Court Presiding Judge Charles W. Gurtler, Jr. recently announced several new case assignment changes and adjustments in Presiding Judge duties due to the recent election of Eric E. Gordon to Division 6, replacing retiring Judge Richard Weiss.  


Judge Derek Carlisle will be moving from his current assignment in Lake Havasu City returning to the criminal bench in Kingman.   Given his extensive criminal background and his prior experience handling criminal matters he will also be appointed as the Criminal Presiding Judge for the court. He will be working in Division A in the Historic Courthouse.   He will be tasked with efforts to advance the criminal case flow process and improve the timeliness of case processing.

Judge Rick Lambert will be assigned as the Associate Presiding Judge for the Superior Court. He will continue to handle a criminal case assignment and will be presiding over the 2nd Grand Jury which was recently started under his direction and with the support of the County Attorney’s office. He also recently directed a full review of the criminal local rules of the Court which will be sent to the Supreme Court in the near future for their approval.   Judge Lambert also currently serves as a member of the State Judicial Ethics Committee and as a member of the Judicial College of Arizona.

Judge Lee Jantzen will continue to serve as the Civil Presiding Judge for the Court and will also be appointed as the Probate Presiding Judge.   He recently directed a complete review of the Court’s civil local rules and the changes to these rules were approved by the Supreme Court on November 20, 2018.   Judge Jantzen has participated on several State-wide committees regarding changes to court rules and recently participated in continuing education training for civil lawyers throughout the county.

Judge Rick Williams will continue to serve as the Presiding Juvenile Judge for the Court. This assignment involves overseeing all activities within the Juvenile Probation department and the Juvenile Detention facility.   With his support and under the direction of the Juvenile Director several major projects have been initiated in the past few years. The Community Advisory Boards were reorganized, and the juvenile drug court was modified into a Wellness Court. Presiding Judge Gurtler helped brainstorm these ideas with Juvenile Court Director, Elaine Maestas and Judge Williams assisted in the establishment of the by-laws for these groups. Because of these efforts the Juvenile Probation department was awarded with a Strategic Agenda award by the Supreme Court for the past three years. The most recent award recognized the establishment of the Opportunity School for education and the Juvenile Health and Wellness Court (JHAWC) for mental health services.

Judge Steve Moss will continue to serve as the Family Law Presiding Judge for the Court. He will continue to work out of the Lake Havasu Court facility and will also be assigned to handle juvenile dependency matters for that area.   He is currently working with the other family law judges to update the local family law court rules and is also overseeing a review for proposed changes to our local guidelines for custody and parenting time.  

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