Sipe wants convictions designated as dangerous offenses


KINGMAN - A local judge has torpedoed a plea agreement proposed for a young Nevada woman charged in a crime spree that began in Las Vegas and ended in Kingman. Antoinette Williams-Gardner, 20, and Aveyon Levitt, 21, face an assortment of felony offenses following their alleged abduction of an Uber driver and her male passenger in Las Vegas last May.

Levitt allegedly fired shots into an eighteen-wheeler as the suspects and their captives drove south into Arizona on U.S. 93. The victims were dropped off along the way and a high speed law enforcement pursuit ended in downtown Kingman when the Uber vehicle was disabled by stop sticks before crashing into a tour bus.

Williams-Gardner pled guilty to assault and kidnapping charges and was to have been sentenced to prison for 7.5 years. Judge Billy Sipe rejected the plea agreement, stating that the criminal activity was dangerous and violent and that he couldn’t accept that the felony convictions were not designated as dangerous offenses in the deal.

Rejection of the plea results in reinstatement of the original charges and the assignment of the case to another judge.

The case against the co-defendant is still pending. Judge Sipe has hinted that he might reject the deal that mandates a 20 year-prison sentence for Levitt.

Levitt recently indicated he was considering trying to withdraw from the plea agreement he entered last Oct.

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