Manager expects to be in the black this year


KINGMAN - Mohave County Supervisor Buster Johnson expressed bewilderment when financial reports regarding operation of the Fairgrounds in Kingman were presented during the Jan. 22 board meeting.

“You’re running at a deficit every year,” Johnson told Fairgrounds Manager Tim Woods.

“That is correct sir,” Woods responded.

“I’m wondering how you’re still in business,” Johnson replied.

“Well sir, I am too,” Woods answered.

Woods explained that he has managed the Fairgrounds for only one year. He said the previous administration was fiscally irresponsible.

“It’s spending. That’s what it all boils down to. Spending. The spending was completely out of control. So trying to bring that under control with the board of directors that I had was very difficult because I heard, with everything I tried to cut, ‘we’ve always done it this way,’” Woods told supervisors. “That’s what I had to deal with. We had many, many things come up for a vote to try to cut costs and the board said ‘no’”.

Woods said previous deficits have been erased and that the Fairgrounds will be back in the black this year.

Supervisor Gary Watson offered support for Woods, expressing optimism that recent elections have changed the makeup of the Fairgrounds board. “I’m really believing that we can make some good headway with the fairgrounds commission this year,” Watson said.

In addition to trimming spending, Woods said the Fairgrounds property has been much improved.

“We got in there and just started cleaning. My main objective last year was to clean up, repair, repurpose and we did that. We just got the rodeo arena up to where it’s the most improved rodeo arena in the United States, according to the PRCA,” Woods said. “If you drive by, you’ll see that that old trailer house that was right there at the entrance that was oh so attractive, it’s gone along with the other trailer house that is gone. We are cleaning it up and making it a place for all of the people of the county to be proud of.”

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