City of Kingman uncertain the number of valid signatures needed for recall


KINGMAN - The City of Kingman is uncertain how many valid petition signatures are required for the proposed recall of Vice Mayor Travis Lingenfelter to qualify for special election. City Clerk Sydney Muhle advised that 410 signatures was the minimum requirement when the recall kicked off late last Oct.

Proponents have been preparing to submit about 600 signatures but the city now questions its original determination of 410. Recall leader Kristi Turman said Muhle advised Monday that the number could be as high as 1,305.

Muhle said city officials have not yet resolved the question.

“We do not have a firm number, yet, as we are reaching out to the League of Arizona Cities and Towns for case law regarding this issue. Yes, the number will increase, but we do not have exact figures at this time,” Muhle said in a Monday afternoon email. “City Attorney Carl Cooper and myself are meeting with the recall applicants Wednesday afternoon. As soon as we get the updated information to them, we will forward that on to all media.”

Another recall leader, Steven Robinson, said he was not surprised, though he is upset with the City’s indecision. “They waited until the last minute to tell me they made another ‘mistake’”.

Robinson said recall leaders await the city’s determination before deciding their next move. They have until Feb. 25 to gather the required number of signatures, but Robinson said they might also start from scratch to provide more opportunity and time for success.

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