KINGMAN - Three months after its initial determination, the City of Kingman has nearly quintupled the number of valid petition signatures required to advance a recall effort targeting Vice Mayor Travis Lingenfelter.

City Clerk Sydney Muhle said late last October that 410 valid signatures would be required to take the proposed recall to the next step, possibly to election.

That the city was grossly in error was conceded in a Jan. 30 news release. Public information officer Coleen Haines said a new assessment and calculation brings the necessary number of petition signatures to 1,946.

Muhle said the new analysis and numerical determination came after Lingenfelter requested a review on Jan. 24.

Steve Robinson said he and other recall advocates had been prepared to submit about 600 signatures. The City’s new calculation leaves them far short of what is required with a Feb. 25 submission deadline.

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