Mohave County recently issued building permits for work performed at the following addresses:

3383 Horn Road, Golden Valley, new manufactured home, $649, John and Carol Lewis

6022 Lakeview Drive, Kingman, single-family home, $2,614.88, Gorder Homes, LLC

El Rodeo Road, Fort Mohave, replace water heater, $72.15, Plumbing by Jake


3315 Double O Drive, Kingman, block wall, $140.63, Skyridge Custom Homes, LLC

275 Woolley Ave., Centennial, single-family residence, $1,423.75, Basic Investment Corp.

285 Woolley Ave., Centennial, single-family residence, $1,023.75, Basic Investment Corp.

7664 Vista Drive, Kingman, enclose existing patio, $226.88, Raymond Ricciardi

3038 Prairie Hill Road, Kingman, shed, $380.88, Sheldon Gates and Rebecca Franklin

6049 Abrigo Drive, Golden Valley, carport, $279.15, Portable Wood Sheds

6162 Albite Street, Golden Valley, HVAC replacement, $82.50, Ambient Edge

3595 Houck Road, Golden Valley, 200 amp electrical green tag, $106.28

2237 Butte Drive, Kingman, single-family residence, $1,974.38, Western State

4355 Vickie Lane, Kingman, mobile home demolition, $67.50, Dorothy Pitcher

3475 Mayer Road, Golden Valley, single-family residence remodel, $411.50, Big D’s Home Maintenance & Repair, LLC

4278 Highway 68, Golden Valley, change of ownership, $125, Kevin Cropper

7571 Chine Drive, Golden Valley, carport, $342.13, Albert Halsema and Sharon Cousino

10840 Line Drive, Kingman, shed, $502.50, Ronald Cosswell

3724 Elgin Road, Golden Valley, RV renewal, $75, Donald and Velva Warden

1450 Concho Road, Golden Valley, replace water heater, $72.15, Ambient Edge

3598 Santa Maria Road, Kingman, replace HVAC, $82.50, Ambient Edge