Mohave County recently issued building permits for work at the following addresses:

7537 Valley View Drive, Lake Havasu City, single-family residence, $2,025, True Dimensions

1615 Devlin Ave., Kingman, HVAC, $82.50, Ambient Edge

613 Eden Road, Golden Valley, HVAC, $82.50, Ambient Edge


14949 Havasu Road, Dolan Springs, skirting, $155, Benito and Amparo Renteria

6084 Joseph Drive, Golden Valley, RV renewal, $75, Richard Engel

8051 Seventh Street, Dolan Springs, new water heater, $72.15, Plumbing by Jake

7091 Concho Place, Kingman, enclosed patio with electric, $180.63, Dan Rogers

1924 Deacon Drive, Lake Havasu City, single-family residence, $4,245.89, Sun City Contractors

3060 Surrey Lane, Kingman, block wall, $155, Prince Pools

1784 Savannah Bend, Lake Havasu City, single-family residence and block wall, $2,030.63, Cortif Enterprises

1888 Savannah Bend, Lake Havasu City, single-family residence and block wall, $1,901.25, Cortif Enterprises

2100 Sapphire Street, Lake Havasu City, gas line inspection, $68.25, Gene Wootan

2962 McConnico Road, Golden Valley, new power pole, 200 amp panel, $106.28, Meyers Electric

3401 Alpine Road, Golden Valley, replace power pole, $106.28, Meyers Electric

1931 Tradition Lane, Lake Havasu City, block wall, $179.88, Armor Fence & Masonry

3009 Northern Ave., Kingman, new building signs, $168.63, Discount Sign Co.

4320 Wise Road, Kingman, removing burned out home, $67.50, Richard Cook

3105 Mescalaro, Lake Havasu City, gas line, $68.25, Van Rooy Plumbing

2962 McConnico Road, Golden Valley, repair and remodel manufactured home, $327.50, John’s Construction

4156 Stampede Road, Kingman, single-family residence, block wall, $1,544.25, Angle Homes, Inc.

1842 Blue Flame Street, Kingman, single-family residence, $1,529.40, Angle Homes, Inc.

3898 Hassayampa Road, Golden Valley, RV with electric, $160.85, Frank Montion

4135 Irving Street, Kingman, block wall, $255.63, Big Red Construction

8751 Wilson Ranch Road, Kingman, electrical green tag, aboveground to underground; $106.28, George Chagdes

3321 Double O Drive, Kingman, single-family residence, $1,327.50, Michael Avitabile

1553 Paloma Blanca, Kingman, single-family residence, $3,451.88, Jeremiah Divis

3530 London Bridge Road, Lake Havasu City, interior walls, $419.56, Salvador Venegas

2535 Thunderhead Drive, Kingman, single-family residence, $872.19, Timothy and Hannah Grenier

1214 Burch Drive, Kingman, awning, $110.40, Az Sunwest Construction

12299 Yucca Frontage Road, Yucca, electrical green tag, $106.28, 2 Arrows Construction, LLC

2098 Guthrie Road, Golden Valley, roof-mounted solar, $139.32, Tri State Solar & Wind Corp.

3714 Neptune Road, Golden Valley, single-family residence, $1,265.63, Loveland Investments

3927 Arvada Road, Strip, garage, $356.25, Marty and Judy Woolsey