KINGMAN – Mohave County Supervisors breezed through a light agenda during their final regular board meeting of the year in a little more than an hour this morning, Dec. 18.


Approving a job title change for Mike Hendrix was the only matter that brought about debate.

Hendrix has served for almost five years as county administrator following the retirement of former Mohave County Manager Ron Walker. A previous board essentially felt the position became too powerful during Walker’s run and they changed the title to administrator when Hendrix was promoted to the leadership position.

Supervisor Jean Bishop said switching back is now justified because Hendrix has served well and earned his stripes.

“I think he’s proven himself over the years to be an outstanding county administrator as well as a county manager,” Bishop said before the board meeting.

There’s no change in duties or compensation to go along with the job title change. Bishop said the public perceives more rank or prestige with the manager title and she thinks that will serve him well when he represents the county on important, pending issues at the state and federal level.

Supervisor Hildy Angius voted against the title change, calling it an exercise in vanity. She said she couldn’t support it unless there were changes in the job description.