March for Our Lives protest comes to Mohave; millions from across the nation protest, counterprotest 


KINGMAN – People passionate about gun rights from both sides of the political spectrum made a highly visible appearance in Kingman Saturday, part of a nationwide protest that featured millions of people, including others in Lake Havasu City, who took part in the March for Our Lives rally on gun violence.

Nearly 100 March for Our Lives participants held a peaceful demonstration at Locomotive Park. They and another 20 gun-rights advocates and counter-protestors across Route 66 near the Kingman Powerhouse shouted at each other as motorists drove by and honked in support of one side or the other.


The demonstration started at 3 p.m. and took a course through downtown to the Mohave County Courthouse, where speeches were made, heated words exchanged, an appearance by Kingman Police was made and a peaceful dispersal of both sides occurred more than an hour later.

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Fervent Second Amendment supporter Joseph Moya, right, and March for Our Lives activist Patrick Lilly square off over the merits of gun rights. The argument briefly turned mildly violent as words were exchanged and Moya shoved Lilly. Kingman Police arrived to moderate the heated protest.

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March for Our Lives participants briefly paraded a banner along Route 66 before taking the march from Locomotive Park, down Beale Street and on to the Mohave County Courthouse on Spring Street.

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Pro-gun advocate Joseph Moya made little effort to hide his passion about gun rights.

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Depending on which side you ask, the March for Our Lives turnout was a success, if not one of the biggest demonstrations in recent Kingman history.

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Second Amendment advocate James Barber, right with yellow sign, of Mohave Valley, made his way to Kingman’s protest after attending one in Lake Havasu City.

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The procession made its way to the steps of the Mohave County Courthouse.

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A motorcyclist had to wait a few minutes for the procession of activists to cross Spring Street near City Hall.

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The First Amendment right to freedom of speech and to redress grievances with the government butted up against the Second Amendment right to bear arms Saturday in the Kingman iteration of the nationwide March for Our lives protest.

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