MOHAVE COUNTY – Mohave County is implementing outdoor fire and permissible consumer fireworks use prohibitions on private and public lands in the unincorporated areas of the county, effective Friday, May 25, due to the very high fire danger caused by ongoing drought, extremely dry vegetation, high winds, and worsening fire conditions.


 Chairman of the Mohave County Board of Supervisors Gary Watson signed a Proclamation dated May 23, implementing the prohibitions, which were recommended by the Mohave County Risk and Emergency Management Department, which issued a “Determination of Fire Emergency” for each of the four fire zones in the county on May 21.

This was issued following consultation with fire departments in the county and the Bureau of Land Management, which will implement similar prohibitions on BLM land in the county on Friday, as well. Based on this direction, the city of Kingman set a  burn ban effective immediately. The ban includes the prohibition of the sale of consumer fireworks as addressed in House Bill 1158. The ban also rescinds any open burn permits issued by the city within the last 30 days. No burn permit applications will be accepted until further notice, said Assistant Chief Keith Eaton in an email.

The county prohibitions, with the exemptions listed below, apply to all open fires, campfires, and permissible consumer fireworks use in unincorporated areas.

Violations of the prohibitions, which were implemented under the authority of Mohave County Ordinance 2013-04, are considered Class 2 misdemeanors subject to fines not to exceed $750 and/or terms of imprisonment not to exceed four months.

The department strongly encourages county residents to be constantly alert to the fire danger, respect the prohibitions, and take all precautions to avoid accidently igniting a vegetation fire.

The following fires are exempt:

  • Fires set or permitted by any public officer, federal, state or local, in the performance of the officer’s official duties.
  • Fires set or permitted by the State Entomologist or Mohave County agricultural agents for the purpose of disease and pest prevention.
  • Fires set or permitted by the United States, the State of Arizona, or any federally-recognized Indian tribe, or any of their respective departments, agencies or political subdivisions for the purpose of fire prevention or control, or watershed rehabilitation or control through vegetative manipulation.
  • Fires permitted by the Emergency Management Officer or designee. The conditions of the permit, including permitted dates and the nature of the burning shall be clearly stated on any such permit issued.
  • Fires fueled by propane or charcoal.

Questions can be directed to Emergency Management Coordinator Mike Browning, or Risk and Emergency Management Director Byron Steward, The Risk and Emergency Management Department number is 928-753-0739.

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