BULLHEAD CITY – The Bullhead City Police Department would like residents and visitors to have a safe Memorial Holiday weekend.


The Police Department’s Waterways Unit, along with Contemporary Services Corporation (CSC), will begin patrolling the Colorado River, which is very busy during the summer months.

It is important for personal watercraft and boat operators, particularly people renting personal watercraft, to know their vessel and the rules of the water.

One common violation is of the “proximity law,” where watercrafts must remain 60 feet apart from each other and the shoreline when maneuvering above a wake-less speed. Our boating officers often see personal watercrafts play and splash each other and do not realize how easy it is to collide.

Another common cause of accidents occurs when people travel on the wrong side of the river. The order of traffic on the river is the same as the traffic pattern on roads. 

Boats are required to carry several safety devices, including a personal flotation device for each person onboard and children 12 years and under must wear a lifejacket. Everyone on a personal watercraft must wear a secured personal flotation device.

In addition to the water, our roads are expected to be congested. Extra patrols will be out looking for suspected DUI drivers this holiday weekend.

“Please be a safe driver and operator on our waterways and roadways by being sober, patient and courteous,” said police spokeswoman Emily Fromelt in an email.

“In an effort to help make our waterways safe, all rental consumers are mandated to watch a safety video before they operate a personal watercraft on the Colorado River. This safety video can be viewed by anyone on the city’s homepage at Please prepare yourself for the upcoming boating season.

City offices will be closed on Monday, May 28, to observe the Memorial Day Holiday. There will be no BATS bus service on Monday.

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