Ousted NACFD fire chief claims board of directors acting illegally


KINGMAN – Despite the recent termination of his employment, Wayne Eder insists he is still chief of the Northern Arizona Consolidated Fire District.

The NACFD board of directors voted 4-0 to dismiss Eder immediately during its May 23 meeting.


Eder sent Chairman Jim Bailey a letter on May 25 alleging the May 23 meeting was illegal and that any action taken during the session is illegal and moot.

Eder asserts a number of reasons that Bailey and Clerk of the Board Mike Collins improperly and illegally seated new board members Carl Hays and Erik Berg and that all actions taken after their May 17 appointments are invalid.

“I do not consider your termination legal, and as such, I believe I still hold the office of Fire Chief for NACFD1,” Eder's letter stated. “I expect my salary and benefits to continue uninterrupted, and all personal items remaining in my office to be left unmolested.”

Eder reminded Bailey that he has sent a laundry list of alleged illegal acts to a number of entities for investigation.

Eder, who is under criminal indictment, said he intends to return to his post once he gains clearance from a stress-related medical directive that he not go to work.

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