Bratley’s promotion delayed; new court commission, tentative budget approved


KINGMAN – A couple of personnel matters drew the most discussion as the Mohave County Board of Supervisors considered and adopted the tentative budget during Monday’s meeting.

Supervisors Hildy Angius and Buster Johnson questioned a proposed reorganization involving Economic Development Director Bennett Bratley.


Bratley is paid less than any other county director and he is the only county director who reports to another director, as opposed to reporter to Mohave County Manager Mike Hendrix. The board was asked to approve a restructuring wherein Bratley would report to Hendrix rather than Development Services Director Tim Walsh.

Angius made clear she had no problems with Bratley or his performance but questioned whether Bratley should have director status since he is a one-man department and supervises no staff.

“I think that’s sort of an insult to all of the other directors who have staff, big staffs that they have to manage,” Angius said. She also said she is concerned that Bratley will be provided a raise of roughly $17,000 to an annual salary just above $84,000.

Chairman Gary Watson countered that $84,000 is far below what other county directors are paid and he considered Bratley to be a topnotch employee. “Although nobody reports to him, he has a vast, vast responsibility and he has performed extremely well,” Watson said.

Hendrix agreed and noted that Dot Foods might not have landed in Bullhead City were it not for Bratley’s efforts and involvement.

“And that’s just one example. This individual, by himself, makes sure that the entire economic development website is updated. He’s constantly courting other businesses and trying to get them to come to Mohave County,” Hendrix said. “He’s also spearheading a program to help retain businesses that are currently located in the area. In my review of this individual’s performance, he’s far exceeded my expectations.”

Johnson suggested that the proposed reorganization should be removed from the tentative budget and revisited by the board prior to final budget adoption on Aug. 6. That is what will happen by virtue of a 3-2 vote.

Johnson balks at new court position

 Johnson, a frequent critic of matters involving courts and judges, also spoke against a budget provision adding another Mohave County court commissioner to the local judiciary. Johnson said he does not like the fact that commissioners are appointed and some work a number of years, never having to earn the gavel through election.

Johnson teased Superior Court Administrator Kip Anderson for the court changing the new commissioner from a part time to a full-time position late in the budgeting process.

“Once again, you snuck another one through. I’ll give you credit on that,” Johnson told Anderson while chuckling.

Anderson responded that there was no sneak attack and that court officials had appropriate discussions with Finance and Management staff, as well as supervisors, regarding the position, which was approved along with the tentative budget.

bos personnel hildy angius

Mohave County Supervisor Hildy Angius, photographed at meeting last summer. Doug McMurdo/The Standard

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