Prescott, Flagstaff make Top 10


KINGMAN – Arizona is rated the best state in the union for paramedics and EMTs to work and live – and Kingman is ranked the seventh best city in America for members of the profession, according to a study conducted by

Prescott and Flagstaff join Kingman in the Top 10.


The study took into consideration quality of life, affordability, wages and benefits and other factors.

Smaller cities rated better than did large metro areas.

Salary by State

Salary was one of the primary ranking factors in the analysis.  Below is a U.S. map showing the average salary for paramedics and EMT workers in the US.

paramedics map web


To determine the top-ranked cities in America for paramedics and EMTs, the group evaluated all of the data available for 645 different cities across the nation. The final categorization was based primarily on five categories which we weighted by level of importance to those in the profession.

35 percent: Mean Salary of EMTs Paramedics/EMTs by City

5 percent FBI Crime Data

25 percent Location Quotient for Paramedics/EMTs (Share of employment in the City vs National Average)

15 percent Paramedic Job Projection

20 percent Cost of Living

Here’s a look at the top 10 and how they got there:

#1 – Gainesville, Georgia

Gainesville is located a little less than 50 miles from Atlanta. It’s a predominantly blue-collar city with the largest percentage of residents working in construction and manufacturing. Gainesville enjoys a lower unemployment rate than the rest of the state of Georgia. With several hospitals and dozens of healthcare facilities, paramedics and EMTs enjoy a short commute to work and a lower than average mortgage/rent.

#2 – Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Johnstown is a small city with a population of just over 21,000 residents. Healthcare is one of the chief occupations in Johnstown, making employment plentiful for those who work as a paramedic or EMT. Located about 67 miles from Pittsburgh, Johnstown houses two colleges – Pennsylvania Highlands Community College and the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. Residents enjoy an excellent quality of life in Johnstown with numerous activities, excellent schools, and an active community.

#3 – Rochester, Minnesota

One of the larger cities to make this list, Rochester has a population of 114,008. It also boasts one of the most prestigious healthcare organizations in the world – the Mayo Clinic is located in Rochester. Rochester boasts a lower unemployment rate than the rest of the state and a lower crime rate than the national average. There are numerous hospitals located here and the most common profession among residents is in the healthcare field.

#4 – Lewiston, Maine

The population of Lewiston is a little over 36,000 with a median income of $38,476. The income is lower than that of the state but the median home value is also lower, making the area comfortable and affordable. The crime rate in Lewiston is significantly lower than the national average. Here 7 percent of the population works in healthcare and social services. There are several colleges in the city, including Central Maine Medical Center College of Nursing and Health Professions.

#5 – Rome, Georgia

With a population of over 36,000, this is the largest city in the northwest of Georgia.  Rome has a storied history and offers beautiful scenery. The city offers numerous historical tours and festivals for citizens and tourists to enjoy. There are several colleges located in Rome and 11 hospitals, offering many employment options for those in the medical field. The cost of living is significantly lower than the national average.

#6 – Auburn, Maine

Auburn is a small city with a population of 22,912. They boast a little something for everyone with a small town friendliness. Auburn offers great parks and recreational activities, good schools, and an active community culture. The crime rate in Auburn is far lower than the national average and 7percent of the residents work in healthcare. Central Maine Community College is located in Auburn, while 7 other Universities are within a drivable radius.

#7 – Kingman

Located on Route 66 in northern Arizona, Kingman boasts a great reverence to the history of the storied road, as well as its local art and culture. The population is 28,549 with a median income above the national average, though slightly below the state average. Mohave Community College is located in Kingman with several other universities and colleges within a short distance. There are 7 hospitals and healthcare centers in Kingman and 12percent of the residents work in healthcare or social assistance.

#8 – Prescott

Prescott offers a little bit of everything for its residents. Located in the central part of the state, they see an influx of tourism and enjoy a more moderate temperature than southern Arizona. Prescott is a larger city compared to others in the top 20, with 40,958 residents. The median income is about average for the state with the median home value significantly higher. The crime rate and unemployment rate are both below the national average. 12percent of the residents in Prescott work in healthcare or social services and there are several hospitals and healthcare organizations within the city.

#9 – Santa Rosa, California

Santa Rosa has a population of 175,143. It’s a larger city but it’s probably best known for its wineries. The median income and home prices here are slightly above the average for the state, making them significantly higher than the national average. Santa Rosa enjoys a low crime rate and low unemployment. There are 10 hospitals in this city and 8percent of the residents work in healthcare.

#10 – Flagstaff

Flagstaff has a population of 71,455. There’s plenty to do for the outdoor enthusiast. Flagstaff is surrounded by mountains with plenty of pine trees, local hiking and skiing. The median income and home value here is significantly higher than the state average. It’s a tourist town, so there are plenty of local attractions year long. There are 8 medical centers and hospitals located in the city and 5 percent of residents work in healthcare.













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