Injured retriever Leon will melt your heart


SAINT, Saving Animals In Need Together organization, is in need of donations to help replenish the Ron Jenner Pet Emergency Medical Fund, used to help local animals in emergency situations when their owners are unable to pay for their care.


The fund has been used to help alleviate costs for a Maltese in need of surgery whose owner is currently in hospice care.

It's also been used for a Chihuahua with a mammary tumor, a puppy with a severe GI infection, a pregnant Chihuahua who couldn't deliver her puppies and a pit bull with a severe stomach blockage that turned out to be a rock she had swallowed.

Our most recent usage of the fund was for Leon, a very young Golden Retriever mix who wandered out of the desert, very emaciated and dragging his back end.

The ball of Leon’s femur was broken in two. He possibly was hit by a car approximately a month and a half before he became part of the saving lives program. It also broke some of his toes on the opposite foot, which have healed on their own.

The vet did an FHO surgery, which basically means they removed the broken ball and created a floating hip.

Surgery was May 22 at West Flamingo Animal Hospital in Las Vegas by a board certified orthopedic vet to make sure that he will be able to live a healthy, mobile life. His medical costs have grown to more than $4,000.

Leon will be available for adoption as soon as he heals and completes his rehabilitation.

We are once again turning to our community and asking for help to raise funds that will help us continue to provide emergency medical care, low-cost spay and neuter services and continue to help find homes for homeless pets in our community.

Donations can be made to SAINT and dropped off at Donn Williams Jewelers in Bullhead City, mailed to P.O. Box 22411, Bullhead City, AZ 86439 or online through our website at Any and all support is greatly appreciated.

Nikki Reagan

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