KINGMAN – In honor of the centennial anniversary of World War One, Mohave County is conducting restoration operations on a copper-based statue in front of the Mohave County Court House in Kingman.  The “Spirit of the American Doughboy,” with companion “Sprit of the American Navy,” is a near full-size pressed copper sculpture by E. M Viquesney, which was dedicated May 30, 1928. 


As can be seen from the photograph, the lower half of the statues has a firmly attached coating of alkali- and silica-based water deposits. The upper parts of the statues appear to maintain their weathered black patina.  It is desired to restore the statues to their original black patina.

The Facilities Division of Public Works will complete restoration work to include:

Clean the base, figures and plaque to remove the white water deposits, followed by the application of metal treatment to restore the metal surface patina, followed by monument-grade wax topcoat to stabilize and preserve the monument.

  1. Upgrade the lighting.
  2. Modify landscaping around the base of the monument to remove ivy and replace with annual flowers in old pond to improve the presentation quality from the street level.

Funding is in the county’s maintenance budget and is supplemented by $500 non-federal funding from The U.S. Foundation for the Commemoration of the World Wars and the Pritzker Military Museum and Library for costs associated with the restoration.

The monument was fitted with a machine gun at one time, which went missing years ago. An appropriate replacement would be the Lewis gun with a circular 72-round magazine, as this was used in 1917-18 by U.S. Expeditionary Forces. 

Anyone interested in donating a replacement should contact the Mohave County Manager’s office in Kingman.

Mieding is with the Facilities Division of Mohave County Public Works.

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