Mohave County Public Works will be completing the following roadwork next week, Sept. 3 through 7.


Dolan Springs: Road grading on 1) 10th St. and 2) 11th St. off Pierce Ferry Rd.


Arizona Strip: Storm damage repair on Grand Wash Ave.

In Golden Valley, in addition to addressing routine pothole repairs, road grading crews will be busy in the following areas:

  • SE: Grading all maintained roads from 1) San Pedro Rd. to Teddy Roosevelt Rd.

off Shipp Dr., on 2) Aquarius Dr. and 3)Centennial Rd.

  • SW: Grading all maintained roads from Laguna Rd. to Aztec Rd. off Shinarump Dr.
  • NE: Grading all maintained roads from Chino Dr. to Hwy. 68 from Heber Rd. to

Houck Rd.

  • NW: Grading all maintained roads from 1) Egar Rd. to Estrella Rd. off Chino Dr., on 2) Jurassic Dr. and 3) Katherine Mine Rd.

Hackberry: Storm damage repair on maintained roads in the Truxton area and on Antares Rd.

Yucca: Storm damage repair on 1) Alamo Rd. starting at Chicken Springs Rd. working south and on 2) Knox Dr. in Yucca.

North Stockton Hill Rd. Area: Storm damage repair on 1) Calle Puebla, and 2) Calle Ocampo.

Hualapai Mountain Area: Storm damage repair on 1) Knight Creek Rd. and 2) Austin Peak Rd.

East Kingman Area: Roadside vegetation mitigation in the Butler area.

Wikieup: Storm damage repair on Bogeles Ranch Rd.

Golden Shores: Pothole repairs in the Golden Shores area.

Fort Mohave: Street sweeping in the Tierra Plaza area.

Lake Havasu City: Street sweeping in the Desert Hills neighborhood of Lake Havasu City.

Mohave Valley: Street sweeping in the Perry Acres area.

Storm repairs to maintained roads will be prioritized and work listed above will be completed as time allows.

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