KINGMAN - The Mohave Adult Detention Facility was in lockdown status from 9 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 1, until about 9 a.m. on Monday, Sept. 3, for a special operation.

The special detail involved a search of inmates, their housing areas and assigned cells as well as several other areas of the facility commonly accessed by inmates.

“We had identified some missing cleaning supply equipment used by the inmates and began investigating further which led to some initial cell searches and ultimately the special detail,” said Captain Don Bischoff. During the search officers found some small pieces of metal that were in various stages of being fashioned into weapons and tools.

In the initial search a cigarette lighter was recovered from an inmate who had been concealing the lighter in his rectal cavity. The lighter was located by using a recently installed body scanner. The inmate advised that he had been in possession of the lighter since before the scanner was placed into operation.

    The weekend searches resulted in more than 400 inmates being searched using the body scanner to include a search of their assigned mattress, cell, and housing units. The jail had suspended all movement of inmates and restricted them to their cells while the search operation was taking place. During that time, inmates were not allowed visitation or the use of the inmate telephone system.

“Arizona statutes define contraband as any dangerous drug, narcotic drug, marijuana, intoxicating liquor, deadly or dangerous weapons, explosives, and wireless communication devices,” said Captain Don Bischoff. “Also included in that definition is any article whose use or possession would endanger the safety and security of inmates and staff or the preservation of order within the facility.”

Promoting prison contraband involving weapons, explosives and drugs is a class 2 felony while all other cases a class 5 felony. Promoting prison contraband involves bringing items into the facility, possessing the items in the facility and making items within the facility.

“With the likelihood of weapons and tools being fashioned, it was appropriate to implement search activities and the searches will continue. Unfortunately, because of the nature of detention operations, we can’t announce to the public in advance when we plan these type of activities,” Sheriff Doug Schuster said.

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