The city of Kingman recently issued building permits for work performed at the following addresses:


4011 Stockton Hill Road, commercial grading, $161.50, Creeker Construction



3264 Silver Hill Road, addition, $712.22, Long Construction, LLC

1430 Broudy Drive, attached garage, $962.20, Dale Jensen

3545 Cheyenne Ave., awning, $183.56, Robert Cole

1349 Mustang Springs Road, new single-family home, $5,466.20, Fripps Mohave Construction, LLC

1968 John Wayne Drive, new single-family residence, $4,712.08, Cantrell Development Inc.

3560 Lomita Street, new single-family residence, $4,196.13, Big Red Construction

2067 Delaware Drive, remodel, $54, Erick & Sylvia Hurt


1570 Navajo Street, sign attached to building, $53.87, Discount Sign Company


Mohave County recently issued building permits for work performed at the following addresses:

10041 Concho, Kingman, re-roof, $85, MRM Roofing, LLC

444 Verde Road, Golden Valley, re-roof, $85, MRM Roofing, LLC

9428 Burro Way, Kingman, re-roof, $85, MRM Roofing, LLC

2250 Laguna Road, Mohave Valley, block & retaining wall, $424.06, Colorado River Union High School District #2

3405 Mesquite Lane, Scenic, new single-family home, $1,293, Dodgen Construction

2565 Hearne Ave., Kingman, carport & deck, $255.63, Richard and Leanna Stoneking

3375 Thunderbird Canyon Road, Kingman, garage, pool, breezeway, carport, shed, well house, pool house, $978.94, Kenneth & Pat Kordes

4117 N. Kove Road, Golden Valley, HVAC, $75, Ambient Edge

3969 Abrigo Drive, Golden Valley, new manufactured home, $690.50, Mohave Homes, Inc.

1011 Red Rock Road, Lake Havasu City, metal building with living quarters, $2,306.25, Kirk Daniels

9146 Mountain Shadow Road, Kingman, new single-family residence, garage, $1,940.63, David Geivett

2982 Caspian Road, Scenic, new single-family residence, $1,833.75, Nickle Construction

8103 Iron Winds Lane, Kingman, remodel single-family home, $886.56, Big D’s Home Maintenance & Repair, LLC

2795 1680 East, Cane Beds, RV with electric, $199.85, William C. Barlow

407 Heber Road, Golden Valley, carport, $191.80, Portable Wood Sheds

4834 Blackhawk Drive, Kingman, block wall garden, $48.13, Big Red Construction

4799 Chute Gate Lane, Kingman, swimming pool, $401.38, Prince Pools

3876 Hassayampa Road, Golden Valley, 200 amp upgrade, $90.88, David & Pamela Russell