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KINGMAN – The 33rd Annual Andy Devine Days Rodeo saw D.J. Parker walk away as the All-Around Cowboy and over $400 in prize winnings in the tie-down roping and team roping events.


With quality stock provided by Honeycutt Rodeo, the competition was keen, both for cowboys and cowgirls, but for rodeo royalty.

2017 Rodeo Queen Sarah Moulder and Teen Queen Addison Leo finished their one-year terms at Sunday’s matinee and surrendered their sashes and chaps to 2018 Queen Dalace Beiswenger and Teen Queen Angela Bernal.

Here’s the results:

Bareback riding: Kyle Charley, 81 points on Honeycutt Rodeo’s Coconut Queen; $654 and Trenton Montero, 75, $491.

Steer wrestling: Tim Robertson, 4.0 seconds, $790; Ethen Thouvenell, 4.2, $592; Ryle Smith, 4.5, $395; Kyle Lockett, 4.9, $197.

Team roping. Aaron Tsinigine/Ty Romo, 4.5 seconds, $1,399 each; Danny Leslie/Evan Arnold, 5.0, $1,158; Michael Calmelat/Lane Siggins, 5.1, $917; Joshua Prather/Wyatt Cox, 5.5, $676; D.J. Parker/Brinan Verian, 5.7, $434; B.J. Campbell/Shad Chadwick, 5.8, $241.

Saddle bronc riding: Alex Wright, 88.5 points on Honeycutt Rodeo’s Cinnamon Kiss, $699; CoBurn Bradshaw, 83, $525; Stetson Wright, 82, $350; Jake Wright, 78, $175.

Tie-down roping: Taylor Santos, 7.8 seconds, $1,072; J.C. Malone, 7.9, $804; Justin Brinkerhoff, 8.1, $536; 4 (tie) J.D. Kibbe and J. Cody Jones, 8.3, $89 each.

Barrel racing: Sherry Cervi, 17.90 seconds, $752; Lori Todd, 17.94, $654; Leia Pluemer, 17.95, $556; Laura Carmen, 18.07, $458; Nicole DeMers, 18.13, $360; Allie Jordan, 18.17, $262; Leslie Schur, 18.18, $164; Jolee Lautaret-Jordan, 18.21, $65.

Bull Riding: Rylan Wright, 83 points on Honeycutt Rodeo’s Cajun Blues, $682. There were no other qualified bull rides either day.

The mutton busting was one of the more delightful, with Faith Campa, a 7-year-old Golden Valley girl, taking first place. Campa was also the youngest junior barrel racers of the day.

Alex Wright had a brilliant ride in the saddle bronc event while Rylan Wright was the only cowboy to have a qualified ride in bull riding. That had more to do with the quality of the bulls. There were some rank ones.

Kudos to the Kingsmen for putting on another great rodeo.



All photographs by Doug McMurdo/The Standard


It was a rough day for bull riders.


rodeo bulls 4 web 2


Some had a rougher day than others.


rodeo bulls 6 web 2


rodeo bulls 5 web 2


rodeo bulls 3 web 2


Nashville recording artist and Arizona resident Shari Rowe sang a stirring rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at Sunday's event, which carried a decidedly patriotic theme throughout the afternoon.


rodeo sherry rowe web 2


A cowboy's life.


rodeo team roping 2 web 2


"Looks like they got me."


rodeo team roping web 2


We wonder what this steer is thinking.


rodeo steer wrestling 3 web 2


Steer wrestling was another competitive event.


rodeo steer wrestling 2 web 2


This is gonna hurt.


rodeo steer riding 2 web 2


How do you 'steer' this thing?


rodeo steer riding 3 web 2


The steers definitely had the better day in the battle of youth at Sunday's rodeo.


rodeo steer riding 1 web 2


This bull was not messing around. Only one rider had a qualified ride over two days.


rodeo bulls 2 web 2


Mutton busting ...


rodeo mutton busting web 2


More mutton busting...


rodeo mutton busting 3 web 2


And even more mutton busting


rodeo mutton busting 2 web 2


Faith Campa, 7, of Golden Valley thrilled the crowd with an excellent run in the junior barrel racing event and she also took first place in mutton busting.


rodeo jr barrel racing faith campa web 2


The face of saddle bronc champ Alex Wright tells you all you need to know about the horse he drew, Cinnamon Kiss.


rodeo bronc buster 4 web 2


Alex Wright of Utah - no known relation to bull riding champ Rylan Wright - won the saddle bronc event with a score of 88.5.


rodeo bronc buster 3 web 2 alex wright


The saddle bronc riding event was full of action, but not many riders finished in the money.


rodeo bronc buster 2 web 2


These folks got more than they bargained for when they tried to put a pair of underwear on this critter.


rodeo boxer gag web 2


The barrel racing event was extremely competitive.


rodeo barrel racing 1 web 2


2017 Andy Devine Days Rodeo Queen Sarah Moulder wipes away a tear as she prepares to surrender her sash and chaps Sunday afternoon.


rodeo sarah moulder tear wipe web 2


An emotional Angela Bernal, 13, reacts after being named the 2018 Teen Queen.


rodeo queen teen queen angela bernal web 2


2017 Andy Devine Days Rodeo Queen Sarah Moulder, far left, poses with 2018 Queen Dalace Beiswenger. Meanwhile, 2017 Teen Queen Addison Leo, far right, poses with 2018 Teen Queen Angela Bernal.


rodeo queens WEB 2 and teen queens sarah moulder dalace beiswenger angela bernal addison leo

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