MOHAVE COUNTY – Several Mohave County Sheriff's personnel who are part of the Kingman Area Critical Incident Response Team were deployed to Las Vegas over the weekend, Oct. 7, in response to the mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival.


Sheriff’s spokeswoman Trish Carter in an email said the members of MCSO and the Kingman Area Critical Incident Response Team, who were specifically trained in critical incident stress management, conducted several debriefings in the Las Vegas area for first responders involved in the horrific incident that left 58 dead and hundreds injured. 

These debriefings allow first responders to discuss the event with trusted peers and other first responders who were involved, said Carter. 

“This program is meant to help keep mental resiliency in first responders and help them work through such an unexpected, tragic, and traumatic event,” Carter said.

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