LAKE HAVASU CITY – A former deputy, Mohave County Sheriff’s candidate and recently convicted shoplifter who is serving probation for the misdemeanor offense of stealing a pair of shoes has taken the preliminary step of running for the Lake Havasu City Council.


Cori Merryman pulled a packet at Lake Havasu City Hall to circulate petitions to qualify for one of three seats in the August-November primary and general election cycle.

Merryman pleaded guilty last fall to swiping a pair of shoes worth less than $20 from the Lake Havasu City Kmart. It's a deferred guilty plea deal, and the conviction will disappear from her record once Merryman completes probation. She is also a former deputy who campaigned unsuccessfully for Mohave County Sheriff in 2016.

Terms of office are expiring this year for Lake Havasu Mayor Mark Nexsen, Vice Mayor Cal Sheehy and council members Jeni Coke and Michele Lin.

Sheehy is the only person currently circulating petitions to run for mayor. This is the final year of Nexsen’s third term and he reportedly will not seek a fourth.

Coke, Merryman, Alicia McClane, Nicole Norona and Jan Agostaro are prospective Lake Havasu City Council candidates.

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