DeVries: Statistics say more than 200 crashes at Stockton Hill & Airway in 2015


KINGMAN – The Kingman Police Department wants to experiment with machines in place of officers for red-light running traffic enforcement.


Chief Bob DeVries has pitched a pilot program involving use of cameras to catch red-light runners at the three most dangerous intersections of the community.

DeVries said department data shows that 25,000 to 30,000 vehicles traveled Stockton Hill Road daily in 2015. There were 62 crashes at Stockton Hill and Hualapai Mountain Road, 85 crashed at Stockton Hill and Detroit Avenue and 211 crashes at Stockton Hill and Airway Avenue.

“Stockton Hill Road and Airway is our No. 1 accident intersection,” DeVries said. We had 211 crashes. That’s a crash there a little more than every other day.”

During its March 6 work session the Kingman City Council encouraged DeVries to attempt starting a pilot program by the end of the year. DeVries said he favors a partnership with American Traffic Solutions, a company that would install and maintain the equipment at no cost to the city, but would be reimbursed through each $40 citation resulting from use of the camera systems.

DeVries said use of the cameras frees up officers for other duties and keeps them out of harm’s way by sending tickets in the mail rather than writing them during traffic stops in highly congested locations.

“If we’re working red light enforcement at Stockton Hill Road or Andy Devine or Airway, it takes a minimum of two officers to cover that intersection; one to observe the violation and a second officer to be able to track down and stop the offender,” Devries said. “This equipment takes all of that away. We don’t have to have these additional officers working these intersections. It increases safety for the traveling public because we’re not making those stops in the roadway. It also increases the safety for our officers who are exposed to the traffic.”

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