KINGMAN – While the table has been set for Ron Foggin to likely begin working as Kingman’s city manager in mid-May, that doesn't necessarily mean that interim City Manager Jim Bacon will simply saddle up and ride off into the sunset next month.


Word that Bacon may play a more limited role in city government going forward comes from an unusual source.

Sales tax reform initiative leader Doug Angle, who recently met twice with Bacon, said there are indications that Bacon's administrative involvement might be extended through some form of retainer-based work agreement.

“They're also talking about maybe keeping him on as a consultant, not full time, but using him as a consultant to try and continue seeing some of this through,” Angle said. Such an agreement would allow Bacon to assist with Foggin’s transition and to remain a resource while the city addresses budget, interchange change projects and other matters.

Bacon on Thursday reluctantly confirmed that there have been "some discussions" of that nature, but he declined to elaborate.

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