KINGMAN – A couple of education administrators in Kingman are enthusiastic, but urge caution in embracing Gov. Doug Ducey's announcement of a major pay hike for school teachers throughout Arizona. Ducey unveiled a proposal to increase compensation for educators by 20 percent by 2020.


“I would say that it's definitely moving in the right direction. The governor's announcement was exciting to us for sure,” said Roger Jacks, superintendent of the Kingman Unified School District. “I think we have to be cautiously optimistic just because it has to go through the Legislature."

Jacks' sentiments were echoed by Mohave County School Superintendent Mike File.

“I'm just eager to see what's attached to it. All of us have been around long enough to know that nothing is for free," File said. “You just never know what the Legislature's going to be asking for. It's all give and take. I'm just eager to see what's on the other side of it.”

File and Jacks said it's too early to celebrate until the proposal is further vetted by the education community and state lawmakers. But school teachers clearly welcome the breakthrough.

“Absolutely. No doubt. It's a great morale boost," Jacks said.

Jacks noted the irony that KUSD issued teacher contracts on the same day of Ducey's announcement. Jacks said the district will leave those as they are and issue new contracts, where necessary, once the compensation picture becomes clear.

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