KINGMAN – The proposed use of cameras to monitor and enforce red-light running infractions at key intersections in Kingman has been put on the shelf.


Police Chief Bob DeVries and staff recommended entering a five-year contract with a private firm to use the cameras in an effort to reduce traffic accidents and promote public safety.

Community opposition, however, was overwhelming.

The recommended contract that first came to Council for possible action on May 1 was tabled after Mayor Monica Gates indicated a number of concerns about the 27-page document and her understanding of problems experienced in other communities.

Resident Jim Schilder led the charge of community opposition, contending profit motive by the contractor would send citation numbers through the roof, along with the idea that cameras are essentially robots without any compassion or humanity element possessed by officers who are able to use discretion in the enforcement arena.

That the proposed contract had been pulled from consideration was announced before the start of the May 15 City Council workshop and business meeting.

“It's become clear to staff over the last couple of weeks that this is an item that isn't ready for your vote and your consideration,” said now former interim manager Jim Bacon. “That's why the chief and I have asked that it be withdrawn."

Gates was more emphatic.

“This item has been pulled,” Gates said. “It will not be considered or discussed by this Council due to lack of support.”

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