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on Kingman City Council

Vickie Kress
Vickie Kress

KINGMAN – The Kingman City Council has selected Vickie Kress to serve out the term of former council member Mark Abram. During its March 21 meeting, the council reviewed materials submitted by seventeen applicants before voting to appoint Kress.

“I am so honored to be part of the city council,’’ Kress said. “There were so many great candidates. I’m just honored, and excited and anxious.”
The retired corporate event-planning executive must resign from the Planning and Zoning Commission, a position she’s held for more than six years. She’ll join the new council on April 4.
“I’m amazed at how intelligent all of these people are. When you sit and listen to them, their level of energy is amazing,” Kress said. “There are a lot of things on their agenda. That’s one of the reasons I’m so excited about being part of the council because they are moving forward.” Kress said she’s also aware that the council is sharply divided on some issues and that she might become a sort of a swing vote on some of them.
“That doesn’t phase me. I am an independent thinker. I like to hear all of the facts and come to my own conclusions,” Kress said. “I’ve got no agenda. I’ve got no financial gains by any council action. I only want what’s right for Kingman.”
Kress said she has interest in all of the matters being pursued by the Council that is newly configured from last year’s election, coupled with her appointment. She said, however, she’s particularly passionate about one of them.
“My heart is downtown,” she said. “I know that all of these issues are big and they’re important and they’re critical to Kingman, but my heart is downtown.”


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