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More than 100 people attended the Chamber Ribbon Cutting on Wednesday, March 22. All were giving a tour of the facility.

KINGMAN – Thunder, lightning and torrential rain did not impede last Thursday’s Kingman Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting for Southwest Behavioral & Health Services’ (SBH) new facility at 1301 W. Beale Street in Kingman.

Among the attendees were the Kingman Fire Department. The facility will begin operation in Arpil. The facility provides urgent behavioral health care for psychiatric patients in acute distress in Mohave County.

Nearly 100 attendees from throughout Mohave County were provided tours of the behavioral health facilities two section. A six-unit outpatient Stabilization Observation Unit (SOU) and the 10-bed inpatient Kingman Recovery Unit (KRU), designed to provide psychiatric treatment and therapeutic stabilization.
The facility provides urgent behavioral health care for psychiatric patients in acute distress in Mohave County rather than finding a location in Phoenix or Las Vegas, which reduces time spent assisting patients and reduces costs.
“The objective is to relieve the burden often placed on law enforcement and hospital emergency rooms in Mohave County, said Lauren Lauder, Southwest Behavioral & Health Services Northern Arizona’s Vice President. Less incarceration and less impact on emergency rooms when we can provide the initial assessments and find the appropriate next step to help someone and or to provide a local clinical detox facility or psychiatric care.
The 6-unit SOU supports patients up to 23 hours and the goal is to determine the next level of care as assessed by a clinical professional before discharged. The ten-bed KRU provides medical treatment and is prepared for longer stays.
The facility will begin operation in April and has provided over 25 new jobs for the area. A meeting is soon to be scheduled between law enforcement and other agencies and Larry Townsley, SBH Regional Director who is responsible for the SOU, KRU and SBH’s outpatient clinic located at 2215 Hualapai Mountain Road in Kingman. Townsley will focus on providing the proper protocol procedures for law enforcement and other agencies that may rely on these new services and want to transfer someone to the facility. For more information call (928) 753-9387.

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