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 UPDATE: KRMC has moved the date of the Cancer Center Open House to April 19. This change is reflected in story below. - ed.


Linear accelerator highlights new additions


KINGMAN – Crews are working through a punch list with an eye toward the mid-March completion of a $9.5 million expansion and upgrade of the Cancer Care Unit at Kingman Regional Medical Center.

The key feature of the improvement campaign is the addition of a linear accelerator used for radiation treatment.


After a rigorous test period, the accelerator began treating patients Feb. 26.

“It’s literally the state of the art radiation therapy equipment,” said Director of Oncology Kerry Herbine. “You wouldn’t be able to find better technology anywhere in the world.”

A wall of cement from three to five feet thick surrounds the accelerator. Herbine said more than 60 cement trucks lined up the day it was constructed.

Another upgrade component involves the expansion of the chemotherapy area. It grows from 12 to 24 treatment stations as part of a doubling of the total size of the facility to roughly 18,000 square feet.

An onsite pharmacy is another addition.

“It will be serving our patients here at the Cancer Center. It will help with lead times because all of the chemotherapy agents are mixed specific to each patient as they come in each day,” Herbine explained. “All of that prep work will be done within our Cancer Center now as opposed to previously being done at the hospital pharmacy.”

Herbine said a pneumatic tube delivery system allows speedy information delivery between the Cancer Center and each hospital department.

“I think all of this keeps us at the edge of technology,” Herbine said. “We’ve always delivered an exceptionally high level of care. Outpatient satisfaction numbers attest to it. This keeps us there so it’s a proactive move to maintain the highest levels of care.”

He said TR Orr did a great job, coming in “on time and under budget.”

Herbine also reserved praise for his staff, saying the technology is wonderful, but the “human touch” is what sets KRMC apart. “It is inspiring to work with them,” he said.

KRMC invites the public to an open house from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. April 19. Guided tours and light refreshments will be available.

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Another major improvement to Kingman Regional Medical Center’s Cancer Center expansion is this pneumatic tube delivery system. Much like the system used at banks for drive-through customers, albeit one “on steroids,” according to Director of Oncology Kerry Herbine. Staff can send items throughout the hospital complex, making things easier on patients. Below, workers finish a punch-list of items at the newly and dramatically expanded Cancer Center at KRMC. The public is invited to attend an open house March 22. Doug McMurdo/The Standard

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