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KINGMAN – Situated between popular pubs that have helped spark the ongoing revitalization of downtown Kingman, Wells Fargo is closing up shop Wednesday.


The bank branch that has been a fixture at Beale and Fourth streets for at least two decades shuts its doors at noon.

Wells Fargo informed customers in early March that it would mothball the downtown branch on June 13. The corporation has not yet put the property up for sale. “We will market the property for sale once the branch closes,” said spokeswoman Elyse Mohler.

Wells Fargo will maintain its two other Kingman branches at 3940 Stockton Hill Road near Gordon Drive and inside Smith’s Food & Drug at 3490 Stockton Hill Road.

Officials earlier this spring said a Wells Fargo ATM will remain downtown, but a specific location had not been identified. Employees said the ATM at the current location will temporarily remain available.

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