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Search on for big box retailer needed to attract other businesses


KINGMAN – Outside legal counsel for the city of Kingman is reviewing Kingman Regional Medical Center’s proposed development agreement for the Interstate 40 Kingman Crossing interchange project. KRMC CEO Brian Turney doesn’t believe there will be a lot of wrangling over the deal that aims to provide better access to the hospital’s Hualapai Mountain Campus and attract retail development to the interchange.

“I don’t anticipate there being a significant issue because the negotiations, as far as the terms, have already taken place,” Turney said. “”Really the objective is to just codify what’s been agreed upon. So, hopefully, the attorneys will be able to successfully do that.”


Turney hopes the Kingman City Council approves the development agreement next month. City Attorney Carl Cooper said it’s possible the agreement could be presented for discussion and possible action during either the July 17 or the first meeting of August.

Turney said council approval would be helpful for Ron Ault, the private sector developer selected by the hospital to recruit retail enterprise.

“He’s already started some preliminary work in contacting retailers with the anticipation that this is going to get passed,” Turney said. “Clearly, a lot of retailers have heard about this in the past and they’re going to want to make sure that this is the real deal.”

Turney said securing two or three big box stores, such as Kohl’s or Target, would be key to retail success at Kingman Crossing. “If our developer is successful with that then the other retail will tend to surround that,” he said.

kingman from anson smith road 1000x667

The Kingman Crossing interchange will be constructed to provide access to Kingman Regional Medical Center’s Hualapai Mountain Campus, the large building to the left of the interstate in the middle of the frame.

Doug McMurdo/The Standard

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