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LAKE HAVASU CITY - Mark Nexsen exited his Mayor’s chair with fanfare in Lake Havasu City.

Praise, plaques, gifts and mementos were presented to Nexsen at the start of the Nov. 27 city council meeting.

Proclaiming it “Mayor Mark Nexsen day” was new Mayor Cal Sheehy’s first formal act of office.

“Mark served the city tirelessly and contributed to the betterment of our great city,” Sheehy’s proclamation read. Sheehy also handed Nexsen an official key to the City.

Nexsen praised the current council, city staff and the community for their support of his administration.

“To the citizens of Lake Havasu, I can’t thank you enough for the trust and faith that you have placed in me for the last 12 years. You’ve made my job a heck of a lot easier because you would always communicate with me and let me know what we’re doing right and maybe not so right. And you did it always in such a respectful manner,” Nexsen said. “I can’t tell you how much that was appreciated, and finally, I just want to say it’s been an absolute honor and privilege to serve you.”

Sheehy and re-elected Council members Jeni Coke and Michele Linn, and newcomer Jim Dolan began new terms after being issued their oaths of office.

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