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KINGMAN - An unknown number of merchants have failed to roll back sales tax collections following voter approval of Prop. 413 in Nov.

The tax was to revert by one percent on Jan. 1, though the City confirms it has learned that at least a couple of businesses have not adjusted their collections.

Finance Director Tina Moline said city staff will contact any merchants it learns are over collecting. Reviewing receipts is recommended.

“If a citizen notices an incorrect tax rate being charged on their receipt, they should advise the store’s manager and/or contact the City’s Finance Department at 928-753-5561,” Moline said. “A member of our team will contact the business and notify them of the rate change.”

Moline said a total sales tax of 8.35% should be applied to retail purchases. She said the rate should be 9.35% for restaurant and bar purchases and 12.28% for motel rooms.

The city is not responsible for providing or arranging refunds.

“The business collects the tax from the consumer and is, therefore, responsible for reimbursing the tax to the consumer,” Moline said. “In all cases, the consumer should seek reimbursement from the business directly.”

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