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BULLHEAD CITY - Gary Boren has resigned as general manager of the Anderson Auto Group Fieldhouse in Bullhead City.

In his letter making his resignation effective Jan. 4, Boren explained he cannot fulfill his duties because he suffered an eye injury during his move to Bullhead City.

“I will require surgery and recuperation over the critical period leading up to, during and after the scheduled Fieldhouse opening,” Boren’s letter stated. He said there’s great interest in use of the 125,000-sq. ft. indoor arena for athletic and other events.

“There are already several groups that have committed to, or are considering, Fieldhouse usage,” Boren said. He thanked and praised support personnel within the Colorado River Union High School District and expressed optimism for the building’s future.

“Always remember that the Fieldhouse will be a first class facility,” Boren said. “It is a jewel in the desert for the Tri-state area.”

Construction continues at the project site at the southwest end of the Bullhead Parkway. Completion is expected in late Feb. or early March.

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