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KINGMAN - Kingman Regional Medical Center (KRMC) has outgrown its Emergency Room (ER) and plans to expand it.

The hospital had 53,000 patients report to the ER in 2017.

“That is significantly higher than you’d like to see for the number of beds we have in there,” said Brian Turney, CEO of KRMC. “We certainly have a space issue and feel like we have no choice but to address it.”

The hospital submitted preliminary building plans with the City of Kingman last Nov. Chief Operating Officer Ryan Kennedy said the proposal would roughly double ER space to 40,000 sq. ft. and expand from 28 to 48 the number of patient care areas.

Kennedy said four of the areas would be equipped for use by patients who might have behavioral health issues.  He also said a small portion of the expanded area would accommodate Radiology Department needs.

Kennedy said city review of the expansion proposal should lead to final project approval and funding commitment by the hospital governing board in March. He said it could cost in the neighborhood of $12-million to build and equip the expanded facility.

Kennedy said a carefully managed two year construction campaign is expected, ensuring continued quality care during the build out.

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