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Creative outlets and community involvement is offered throughout Kingman with one of those being the Farmhouse in downtown Kingman. Saturday, February 9, Farmhouse hosted its beautiful Heaven Sign class with Stephanie Barrett.


Farmhouse is an antique, home decor and vintage store that has more to offer than just shopping. This business offers classes that show people how to create their own masterpieces and much more. They have an amazing selection of hand painted, refinished furniture, handmade signs, vintage finds, antique accents and more.

“So they do different classes a month and there are different instructors that do them. They do them during the evening and the weekends, different projects, different signs, and all different classes. You can sign up on Facebook on Farmhouses website or you can come to the store. They always have the demo’s for the upcoming classes,” says Stephanie Barrett, instructor.

Farmhouse will be hosting a variety of other classes throughout February including “Last Name Signs” class February 21 at 6:00 p.m., “Holley’s wire wrap Lepidolite Heart pendant” February 23 at 1:00 p.m., and “Three Painted Houses” February 26 at 6:00.

For more information about upcoming classes or unique pieces, visit the Farmhouse on Facebook at Kingmanfarmhouse or call 928-753-4764.

- Jasmine Duhon

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