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A clear view through my window reflects behind the scenes activity of elected city officials openly opposing political actions of the citizens. One might think elections should not include so much of current council members actively opposing the citizens they claim to represent.

The fact that Lingenfelter openly reports his part of a group hiring a lawyer to keep the Initiative off the ballot should be well known by the citizens voting in the August 28 primary election. Should he and his cohorts, including mayor hopeful Jen Miles, so actively oppose a citizen action? Over 4,000 voters signed the petitions. Polls indicate two of three Chamber members oppose the taxes the Initiative would stop.

Lingenfelter’s Facebook and city emails are full of slanted positions that polls indicate most citizens he represents oppose. With four other votes in lock step on the City Council, Mayor Monica Gates no longer sets the meeting agenda. It is reported that the city attorney ignores her and supports the five votes that can keep him in his job.

Lingenfelter and others often refer to the Progressive Alliance. A search of the Internet of that group and the international reach of activity is disturbing. Does the Kingman City Council actually agree with and support these far-left groups and their stated mission and objectives?

Check out Kingman Progressive Alliance on the internet and find out about this group where Jan Miles, Lingenfelter, Stewart Yocum and other “progressives” meet to “change Kingman and the world.” “Progressive means to promote progress” according to a quote on their Facebook. Member Lee Ward posted a quote “To chase the good old boys out of Kingman.” The group was active in getting signatures for their candidates for city council.

Speaker Kenneth Gaines at a KPA meeting recommended a Forsenic audit of the Kingman Airport Authority. Who got the idea first, Gaines or Lingenfelter?

Mayor candidate Jen Miles’ speeches at the group meetings can be found on You Tube through the KPA Facebook. In fact, all the meetings and the meetings of the city council with the Kingman Airport Authority are listed.

Before casting a vote in the Kingman mayor and council races, each citizen should review the influence of and stated mission of the Kingman Progressive Alliance (KPA). The five members of the council led by Travis Lingenfelter and Jen Miles are much involved with the KPA. The current publicity about racism in Kingman could have begun with the KPA. An announcement of the most recent meeting at the Episcopal church is advertised and strongly supported on the KPA Facebook page and includes support of getting the NCAAP involved in “needed” changes in this city.

Begin an Internet search of the Progressive Alliance and see its world reach and socialist mission. It may not fit your values for Kingman. Included in that search is the Kingman Progressive Alliance for Positive Change.

Make a second search for Kingman Progressive Alliance. A page of entries includes both web and Facebook entries. Lingenfelter, Miles and Route 66 promoter Jim Hinckley are speakers. Facebook and other entries have a set of videos of the KPA meetings at Calicos and several meetings between the council and the Kingman Airport Authority. At least one article from the Kingman Daily Miner is included.

The listing of friends with Facebook is more than interesting. One list begins with state GOP chair Jonathan Lines. Click on his picture and Dr. Larry Schiff’s name comes up. One entry included a reference to the Kingman Republican District One Precinct members. Does this infer a relationship to this liberal and radical element? Take a look. Some faces will surprise you.

Does local investment business owner Monica Busch know an ad for her business comes up on one of the Internet or Facebook pages?

It is difficult to say the actions of the candidates and elected Kingman council are secretive in what they do. It is a surprise to find all of them at local Republican groups and often registered as Republican party members so involved with a socialist, liberal organization like KPA and the other world-wide parts of the Progressive Alliance.

Take time to check it out for yourselves. This columnist researched this article in unbelief.

Note: Only fully informed voters can make good decisions on candidates. Election mailers are full of biased compliments. Dr. Robertson believes citizens deserve the kind of leaders who win elections, even those citizens who do not bother to vote.

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