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Dear Editor,

This year marks my 40th year in Mohave County.

I moved from southern California like many of my neighbors. We have learned so much here where the local government is visible. In California, the politicians were too hard to watch. In Mohave County, we have had “crooked” sheriffs for 40 years. When Sheriff Sheahan was in office, the word on the street was, “Sheahan doesn’t dare leave his office as his own men would shoot him in the back.” Why would the people change their vote and elect an honest sheriff? They have been content with corruption ever since I moved here.

I moved to Bullhead City first. My husband and I were from the Santa Ana Fire Department and I was angry beyond belief when the Bullhead City Fire Department set homeless peoples’ possessions along the Colorado River bank on fire in 1978. As first responders we had always thought of ourselves as the good guys. My bubble was burst when the BHC fire chief assured me that the morning newspaper had told of the intent to burn the river bank before noon. I was heartbroken for those down and out scrambling for their hidden IDs and extra supplies. This was the very first tug on my heart for homeless persons.

In 1982 in Kingman, Mickey Mouse was at the Kingman Centennial Parade. All the children wanted to shake Mickey’s big loving hand. The city official in charge told the children to wait until after the parade and Mickey would return to shake their hands. When it became obvious that the city official was nothing but a liar, I found that man and let him know that he had just taught my two-year-old son that if he minded, he lost! Evidently, this was Kingman’s chosen manner of “doing business”.

I was sick to my stomach about the Kingman Airport Authority’s blatant disregard for Mohave County taxpayers. Who has the gall to turn over a till $14.1 million short? And the City of Kingman is going to pay the Airport Authority’s legal fees? I was at the pre-council meeting recently. A set-up man, an attorney, and the city council members ask, “What is in it for us?” Look, you have crooked physicians within the Kingman city limits. The City of Kingman does not need to join a national lawsuit; just pull the city business license from the crooked physicians in Kingman. One of Kingman’s fine physicians got his new Henderson home for a million dollars under market value. I do not know about you, but a deal that sweet must have come from some pharmaceutical company. Why does our city council even consider joining a national lawsuit when they can just pull city business licenses from the fraudulent doctors, contractors, and business owners within the city limits?

It literally killed me to see our killed me to see our Kingman mayor on TMZ Live, lying to everyone. I was so angry at her lies. How dare she get on national television and lie about Kingman. I am sick of the City of Kingman and the supporting Mohave County supervisors and I do not think I am the only one.

Stephanie Swanick


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