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Dear Editor,

I have just finished reading the Carl Hays resignation from the NACFD Board of Directors article

in your paper and I would like to comment. In the article Mr. Hays, as he did in court, whines that he is being unfairly treated. What Mr. Hays considers harassment could easily have been settled by his answering of one question. Where do you live? But of course Mr. Hays continued to be vague and never answered that question and wants the reader to feel sorry for him.

Let me give you a few facts about this disagreement that led to his resignation:

  1. The County has inspected Hays “residence”, an airport hangar, and declared it is not a residence and cannot be listed as such.
  2. The County Recorder disqualified the signature of Hays wife on his nomination petition. The reason? It was not a legal residence address. She used the airport hangar address. Would that not apply to Carl as well?
  3. After the presiding judge ruled in the favor of the petitioners (of which I was one) to keep Hays off the ballot he said Hays would probably also lose if we brought suit to remove him from the board based on his residence.
  4. ARS 48-802 requires a special district board member to be a resident of the district. It also requires them to be a qualified elector. If Hays’ address has been deemed invalid by the County recorder, it appears he is neither.

Carl Hays was on the NACFD board illegally. All of the actions that he participated in are illegal, as the entire board is illegal. He knew this as did board members Collins, Bailey and Berg. However when we brought this to the attention of the County Attorney he refused to do anything. Why not Matt Smith? All the criminal evidence is there and you ignore it. Why?

Richard M Veradt

Valle Vista

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