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Fellow Republicans,

Let me start off by saying that, for supporters of Dr.Kelli Ward in the August 28 primary, I do understand your disappointment.

  And frankly, many of you have expressed to me that you do not plan to vote for or support Martha McSally in the general election.  Thus, I write this letter strongly requesting you reconsider. 

I am sure virtually all of you have been following the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, and I know you are aware of the importance of his confirmation (now if only Ruth Bader Ginsburg would step down!).  I don’t know if you have seen the Arizona Republic poll saying Sinema was leading in the Senate race.  Now, I really don’t believe this poll – most polls by liberal networks and newspapers are meant to discourage Republicans from voting.  Importantly, however, it is patently clear that if a Democrat wins this race that will be a vote with Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Crazy Bernie, no matter what her ads state.

Remember, even Jeff Flake voted for both the tax cuts and Brett  Kavanaugh.  Which underscores that any Republican will be better than a Democrat.  Behind the major issues voted upon in the Congress, there are always hundreds of smaller issues which are decided on straight party line votes.  Moreover, the entire agenda is set by the party that controls the Congress.  The major work of the Congress is done by various committees and sub-committees, and their agenda is set (and bills can be killed) by the Committee Chairman.  And the Committee Chairman is always from the party in the majority.  Because Mitch McConnell is Senate Majority Leader, and Chick Grassley the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Brett Kavanaugh is now confirmed – were Chuck Schumer in charge, he’d schedule a vote, probably sometime around, say ... 2026.

What I’m saying is that we simply must have the Republican Party in charge of the Senate (and the House).  We know the Democrat strategy.  Take the House and try and impeach Trump, for even if they fail, they will attempt to paralyze him and tank the economy so as to win in 2020.  A sort of 2006 strategy redux – remember how the Democrats took the House of Representatives in 2006, tanked the economy, and used the financial crisis of 2008 to give us Barack Obama and socialism.

So a vote for a Republican in 2018 is truly a vote for Donald Trump in 2018.  And Martha McSally is a real Republican.  I know many of you have concerns about her “conservative bona fides”, but in reality she is a highly intelligent and brave woman who is truly accomplished and unafraid to stand up for what she believes in.  Apart from being a valiant warrior, and the first female pilot in the air force, she also was the woman who refused to wear a veil in Saudi Arabia, and now she is being accused by her opponent of “voting with Donald Trump 97% of the time” (hey, Sinema can run that ad a thousand times!).

I know several of you are suspicious this is an “election year conversion” but I truly believe Senator Martha McSally will be a reliable vote for conservatism.  She is for low taxes, is a supporter of the Second Amendment, will vote to confirm justices such as Amy Barrett, and I believe she has improved on border security (yes, I know the history, but we also have to consider the district she represented is the bluest in Arizona).  I also know a Senator Sinema will vote with Chuck Schumer 97% of the time – I know her history, and her statement as to why she would not vote to confirm Kavanaugh belies any of her nonsense about being a ”moderate”.

In sum, I strongly back Martha McSally, and I hope you will do the same.  Politics is a contact sport, and I know there are some hard feelings.  But I know you love what is happening to this country under Donald J. Trump, know that it won’t be possible without a Republican Congress, and so I hope you will actively, not just passively, support Martha McSally for the U.S. Senate.  Yes, she will be a fine Senator, and yes, it’s that important.

Thanks for listening.

Laurence Schiff, M.D.

Chairman, Mohave County Republican Central Committee

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