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Dear Editor,

Mr. Trump, you are nicer to the people you call the (MOB) and other names that are on your small mind, they are almost taxpayers unlike many in your family and party and you know them very well.

They all belong to America and you owe them a lot.

The trips you take on Air Force One to play golf or the people in some state how great you are two hours later and call them losers, you could have the wall of China on the Mexico border if you hadn’t – it’s off. Sometimes you’re not as smart as you feel. Think about things before you say “We are the people of the USA!”

You tell us how rich you are and how much you want the Mexican wall. You also said your people could build it in one year, and cheaper than the government could, so why don’t you have them do it. The money it would cost would go a long way to show you really do love America and would make you feel a lot safer. As you said, the Mexicans will pay for it, and if they don’t, you could charge the interest – another big win for you. You’re very lucky to have a chance like this to show Americans who you really are.

Why do we have to have all lies and untruths in this time of trying to find someone to vote for?

Can’t people just tell us what they will do? Not what the others have done in the past. I really don’t care about their past, we have to look forward to make things better than they are right now.

Now I understand the head liar is coming to the valley on Friday. He lies so much he can’t keep up with them, but he does have a plan. Divide and conquer. He has his family in place and is getting rid of all the staff. He does not like and replaces them with others that will be loyal to him. That’s what all dictators do to start with, and it goes downhill from there.

Larry Paulson


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