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Dear Editor,

I find the letter written by Bill Shilling about myself and my business (Black Bridge Brewery) highly confusing, but I’ll try my best to set the record straight. 


In 2013, I signed a lease on a downtown building. It was a complete gut and remodel project to turn a second hand store, into a place with a vibrant nightlife. At the beginning of the process, I met with the head building official. He explained to me the ADA requirements, and even gave me printouts of the specifications for the ADA restroom, so I could rebuild a compliant bathroom. Before you are allowed to operate, the city building department, among other agencies, must do a final inspection. If everything passes, you receive a certificate of occupancy. 

At this final inspection, building official, Jim Mcerlean was accompanied by Mr. Shilling. They both went through all areas of the building. I specifically remember Mr. Shilling using the front door with ease, and confirming the restroom was properly installed, to the standards at the time of inspection. A permit to operate would not have been issued if there were ANY ADA compliance issues. To the accusation of me “making light” of the situation; I remember this conversation well, and it took place about two years after I opened. 

Bill asked if I could make the landing pad a bit larger at the front door. I told him I would not mind, but I would have to get a permit to pour concrete on top of the city sidewalk(it’s an awkward area with different elevations). We both agreed that receiving a permit would be difficult, and that the current landing pad was of ADA standards. That was the end of it.

Since then, I have seen Mr. Shilling multiple times, and everything was cordial. Until this moment, I had no idea that I had wronged him, and if he had approached me, he would have received a heartfelt apology. However, that’s not going to happen now, with this letter threatening to “have a complaint filed with the State AG's office to have the ADA enforced at Black Bridge.” Turn me in Bill. I am in compliance. You know it, and everyone now knows it. Your personal attack against myself, and my business shows more of your character than mine.

Tim Schritter

Owner/Black Bridge Brewery

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